Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Still Here

A week has flown by since my last post, and rather than say "oh my, I don't know where time has gone," I won't, because I do know where it all went. Oops :P It's been a busy summer here in Betty-ville, with lots more to come.

I have missed chatting with you all, and so rather than continue to stay radio-silent until I have a chance to blog in more detail later, I wanted to share a cute fun picture to start off your week. I mean, how can you feel the Monday blues when you take a look at Boo?? D'awwww.

As much of a Boo-fan as I am, though, you all KNOW that the first dog I ever get will be one of these cuties :)

Image source
Happy Monday, friends!



Jana A said...

Henry can't stop laughing since I showed him Boo. OMG that's hilarious!

The Mailman said...

I'm seriously hoping this post title is a reference to this masterpiece:

Unknown said...

Jana - Boo never fails to put a smile on my face too :)

Colin - well, but of course. Except I never saw it. Was it good? Did it even come out yet? Ha.

The Mailman said...

It came out and summarily tanked badly. I hope it is never released on DVD. And no, I did not watch it.

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