Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Letter

One week ago yesterday, we walked into an office, keys in hand. The night prior, we stood in an eerily empty living room, hearing our footsteps echo against the bare wood floors and voices ring on the bare concrete walls.

When we walked into that office, pens were raised and names were signed. In just an hour, my very first home that I purchased all by myself almost exactly six years prior, wasn’t mine anymore. We went from that office, to another, and did it all over again. Except that time, we left with the keys, rather than leaving them behind.

One week ago yesterday, Brad and I sold our condo in Buckhead, and bought a home in the gorgeous suburb of Roswell, GA. What followed have been seven days of absolute whirlwind, only just now slowing down now that we have most of the boxes unpacked. I find it hard to think that all of these things once fit around us in 1,000 square feet in the sky! Where did I keep these things then?!

Before moving in, six years ago this summer!
These days, we are going to bed hearing the sounds of crickets, and waking up to the sounds of chirping birds. It’s amazing how quickly one can adjust to new surroundings, if it’s something you have been waiting for. We loved the hustle and bustle of town. But something about this change, right now in our lives, is just right.

It was really hard to say goodbye to our first home. It seems like just yesterday, I was sitting in the middle of an empty living room, only a TV and a camp chair to be had. I was so proud and so happy that my hard work had paid off, and that the condo was mine. Today, we feel similarly. This home is ours, and we can’t wait to fill out these rooms here, too.

In honor of our first home, I have a letter to share. Our (amazing) realtors suggested that we write a letter to the visitors coming in while the unit was on the market, sharing why we loved the home, and what made it special. A little personal touch when we couldn’t be there in person. A single unit in a high-rise might not seem extraordinary. But, ours was, and we hope it will be for the next homeowner, too. 

And you know what? The letter worked! The buyer said she loved it, and it was one of the reasons that made her want to buy our place! So, lesson learned, y'all, for anyone else thinking of selling soon. Write a letter!

XOXO I will miss you Buckhead! More to come soon. From the ‘burbs :)

The Letter

Welcome to the Paramount!  We are so glad you stopped by. We’re excited to share with you a little bit about why we love this neighborhood, this building and, most importantly, this amazing home in the city, Unit “XYZ.”

The Paramount is a perfectly situated high-rise, located right in the heart of Buckhead. Buckhead is known for its celebrities, shopping and restaurant scene. But we love Buckhead and Paramount Unit XYZ even more for the less-noticeable traits.
  • Quiet weekend mornings on Peachtree Road, perfect for an early morning run or a quick stroll to the nearby Starbucks.
  • Late-summer dinners on the patio, overlooking the amazing sunsets against the Buckhead skyline.
  • Quick walks to Bistro Niko, our favorite restaurant in town. The patio and the mussels are to die for, and the staff always makes you feel like a VIP.
  • Lazy weekends spent reading outside in one of the cabanas, with the breeze blowing past as if you are at the beach.
  • Hardwood floors, granite countertops, built-in desks and shelves, arched doorways and tray ceilings; a modern feel, but with a traditional touch.
  • Summers spent grilling out with friends on the Viking Range, or laying poolside, gazing up at the skyscrapers.
  • Living at the start line of the world’s largest 10K, the Peachtree Road Race. And even better, living here for one of the city’s biggest fireworks displays, that 4th of July night!
  • Early mornings or late nights spent in the gym, with the in-house trainers ready to go whenever you are. 
  • Taking MARTA into town for the football game on a fall weekend, to the airport early on a Monday morning, or just to the office in Downtown.
On the last day. <Tear>
As we prepare to make the move closer to our families, this is a bittersweet time. This home has meant so much to us. It was our first home, and we have loved hosting friends and family here for events both small and large.

But, most importantly, not many homes can credit introducing a couple. This home did that for us. Brad came as a friend of a friend to Katherine’s housewarming party, nearly six years ago, and, as they say, the rest is history!

Unit XYZ will always be in our hearts. And we hope that soon, it will be in yours, too.

Brad and Katherine Lehmann 


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Popping In, Popping Up

Eeeek time has flown by this spring, friends. I have SO many things going on that I can't wait to tell you about oh so soon! It's been a great few months.

In the meantime, I wanted to pass along word of a fun shopping experience, over at ADAC in Buckhead this Wednesday, May 7! Pop-up shops are so fun. This one is timed perfectly for all of the spring and early summer events coming up, too. I also am excited to check out the insides of ADAC in general! That place is super cool.

Anyone want to pop over to this pop-up with me?! :) 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

A few months into my thirties, and so far, so good. Not much changed overnight, of course. I didn't wake up with wrinkles, and I long ago switched to 10PM bedtimes on weekends. In general, life continues to zoom past. It feels like just days ago, I was turning 25, really understanding what John Mayer sang about a "quarter life crisis." Ha.

Time may be running past me ever quicker, but I have been trying really hard to step back and take in the little moments when I can.

Like the view from our couch, my favorite view in our home. 

Or, a lazy, impromptu lunch at home with my BFF and her 8-month old daughter. No need to worry about the menu in moments like these; chicken and roasted pepper roll-ups with a herby spread do just fine. 

Discovering the sassy feeling a lipstick can provide. Why this took me until nearly 30 to realize, I have no idea. 

Getting home early to make dinner. And having time enough to sit down at the table with my husband and eat said dinner over good conversation. 

Snapping photos of things that inspire me. Especially when budgets don't allow a splurge, I keep the photos as a reminder for the day that I have some fun money to burn. 

Open doors and windows as Spring peaks around the corner. Spring cleaning and purging. Late night conversations filled with dreaming and planning. Happy laughs with coworkers, at the office and after the office. Going to bed early on a weekend with zero FOMO. Hugs. 

It doesn't have to take a lifetime transition to bring happiness or change. What little moments are fueling your springtime ahead?