Friday, July 24, 2009

BlogHer09 has proven to be inspiring!

Blogging straight from BlogHer 2009 in the great city of Chicago. I wonder how many other ladies, like me, are deciding here that they need to create a blog all of their own? After spending over a year of gradual addiction on Twitter (@KatMalone), the idea of a blog has become more and more attractive to me. Why limit myself to 140 characters - recipes, shopping finds, decorating experiences, etc. are so difficult to fully convey with my friends through Twitter alone. Combining my tweets, Facebook status updates and now this blog should hopefully allow me to share the fun and fabulousness that I strive for in the great town of Buckhead here in Atlanta, GA!

SO! Announcing my very first blog, and my very first blog post, "Buckhead Betty...On a Budget"! Thanks for reading, fab friends :)