Monday, August 17, 2009

Hostess Gifts, Part I: Wine

My friends know I LOVE to throw parties! In another life, I'd be an event planner :)

But I also love to attend parties too, and I try to never show up empty handed. Every Hostess (or Host!) deserves a little something for having you over, even if its just a few dollars or a few minutes worth of your time to put it together.

Knowing that some people might be wondering "but what should I bring?" I thought this might be a good time to share my own personal favorites in the food, beverage, and general gift department. First up for today - wine!

I try to keep a few bottles of wines on hand in case I get invited somewhere at the last minute. I like to add a curly ribbon to the top of it to make it a little special. Even if the hostess doesn't drink red, white, or any wine at all, its a great thing to have on hand as a hostess for your other guests.

If you don't happen to have a spare bottle at your home, go to Trader Joe's, hands down (Note: More on the magic of TJ's in another post soon, I am a big fan!). I love giving and receiving bottles of their wine, because its so inexpensive but always thoughtful. Why waste that $6 on a junk bottle of wine at the grocery store when you can get a great one at TJ's?

While they are infamous for their Two Buck Chuck (love the Shiraz), they have wonderful $5-6 bottles, too. They group the wines together by region so that you can pick a perfect one to accompany an Italian or French meal. They also have excellent $5-10 bottles of champagne that can help you toast any occasion.

Oh and the best part? If you really don't like it - TJ's takes it back!


katie-o said...

I often offer to bring a variety of cheeses from our local (to DC) Cowgirl Creamery and will purchase a little branded knife as a hostess gift. It's small and simple, but one can't have too many cheese knives.

Ditto to your suggestion to keep cheap/good wines on hand. My mother made sure I knew NEVER to show up empty handed and send a thank you note after. It will always be appreciated.