Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I Learned in New York, Part II: Some other styles

I have loved the huge response I got on the last post from Wednesday about NYC and leggings! Thank you everyone! I love hearing from you - especially when apparently a lot of us Southern gals are clueless about leggings :)

The other style I noticed big time that I wanted to share with you all was that about jeans and shoes. In Atlanta, my bootcut jeans and stilettos are still the hot thing for the most part. Some people have shifted to the skinny jean, but the bootcuts are still pretty prominent, whether at the bars or out shopping at the mall.

In NYC? No way. No bootcut jeans in sight! It was almost astonishing how quickly seemingly the entire city has retired the attractive-for-all-body-shapes jeans, and have morphed into better-for-no-curves-women skinny jeans. And not only that, but every. single. girl. was wearing them with flat knee-high boots over the jeans. I knew this was a style, but it really surprised me how predominant it seems to now be there. Again, ATL seems to be behind!

Now, of course, I'd like to check out a pair of my own. Where do you find good-fitting skinny jeans? I have tried on a pair or two in the last year, but they always seem to fit ridiculously for a gal like me with some hips! I welcome your ideas!!


Chelsea said...

My latest pair of skinny jeans is from Gap! Try their always skinny style. I love skinny jeans and I am so excited that they are in!

Brittany said...

J Brand makes some fantastic skinny jeans, with just the right amount of stretch. Plus they make virtually every color under the sun!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to try some jeans on at these places!! Thanks for the tips ladies! :)