Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Evolving Girls Nights Out

I am sure this will come as no surprise to people who are older than me and who have already made this transition. But I miss Girls Nights (and Days) Out. The cocktails. The dressy attire. Appetizers, lunches, dinners, no holding back.

It actually really doesn't have as much to do with my age and it does with the economy right now. All of my friends are in the same boat as me - mortgages and rent. Bills upon bills. Somewhere in there, going out for a ladies night on the town no longer fits in. I see my girlfriends a good deal - but I miss the whole actual getting dressed up and going out thing.

It hit me earlier this week, when I popped in one of my Sex and the City series DVDs. First let me say, I LOVE SATC. My friends might think I was joking about wanting to have a SATC lifestyle after college, but I was (and am) being pretty realistic. Between Samantha's outgoing personality and life in PR, Carrie's wack fashion choices and affair with Manolo Blahniks, Miranda's crazy career life, and Charlotte's perfect party dresses and pearls, there is a piece of Katherine in all of them. I still keep this combo image in mind today when I get dressed for work, when I head out to see friends, when I am decorating my condo. My personal motivation to live my life as fabulously as I can. It's either SATC, or that opening scene of Devil Wears Prada where all the girls are getting dressed and fabulous before stepping out into NYC cabs off to their fabulous careers. Not quite the same as my daily tromp on MARTA, but whatever, a girl can dream.

In any case, in one SATC episode that I watched this week, the four ladies were at no less than 4 different restaurants within a week or two, dressed in their cocktail finest. And all I was thinking was wow, each of those martinis is like $10, and they just ordered a third round.

Obviously, the name of this blog is "Buckhead Betty ... on a Budget" for a reason. Times are different now. Girls Nights have developed into sharing BYOB wine and appetizers on someone's couch, and I still love every single second of them, don't get me wrong. Spending time with the girls is the single most important part, and that quality time at home with them is even more intimate. 

No matter what, though, part of me still really wants to slip on the strappy heels and cocktail dress. I guess it's just part of who I am. Economy, time for you to catch back up.


The Broke Socialite said...

I SO love girls night out and I've leaned to doing more of them on a budget too. It's actually become more intimate and more meaningful. I long to dress up more often but why not do it at home until then? Hmmmmmmmm. Cocktails soon, my dear?

ladebelle said...

i definitely relate to this right here! unfortunately the economy has not only taken my job, my plush midtown apartment, and my dogs (all part of my dream lifestyle) it's also taken me out of atlanta where all my girlfriends are!

now living in the kuntry just outside myrtle beach, my eyes crave seeing people dressed in city chic and my body craves the materials.

*le sigh* woo is me! i'm praying the economy picks up and girls night out makes an extra grand return!

Kelly said...

I also had similar aspiration of getting dressed up for girls nights out post-college and it hasn't exactly panned out that way :(

But, I think girls night out can be done on a budget - it's all about the drink specials! And of course only drinking 1 or 2, not 10, which is often my problem!

Maggie said...

This post strikes home for me in so many ways. I have a weekly night out with a bunch of local bloggers, a tradition I love. We go to a wine bar with half-priced champagne every Thursday, but the bill still adds up quickly. We've just started thinking about how to handle "Recession Champagne Thursday" - which will probably involve wholesale-priced prosecco on our couches! Different details, but same spirit. Love this post!

Mojito Maven said...

AMEN Maggie! Plus, I like the idea of being snuggly on the couch whil drinking bubbly!!

Chelsea said...

Same here! SATC ruined it for all of us haha.

I think I do agree though, our girls nights in have really become more intimate, I can really catch up with people.

We'll have to plan a cheap night out on the town soon!

Anonymous said...

If you decide to enroll in Law School (or the like) while the economy is bad, you wouldn't have the chance to go out anyways, so you wouldn't feel like you're missing out on anything! I haven't been out in 2.5 months! So go to school and hopefully by the time you get out, the economy will get better and everyone will start going out again at the time you can actually go out. That way, you didn't miss out on anything, plus you got a grad degree :) That's my logic.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I love each and every one of your comments, thank you! It makes me feel good that I am not the only one struggling with this balance in my life :)

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