Friday, December 4, 2009

TGIF. Literally!

You know those Fridays where you literally mean the phrase "Thank God its Friday!" ? This week is one of those weeks - I think because its the first full week back after a vacation, so of course we are all dragging.

I promise that this weekend I will post about this awesome Fall OR Winter wreath you can make yourself for under $15-20 that will last years and years. And I will also post about some of the things we discovered that were fun to see and do in Charleston. And I will also post about the creative ways you can decorate your table for big family feasts like we did for Thanksgiving.

But in the meantime, TGIF. And the most news I have to share today (other than I feel like I need a Diet Coke IV in my arm like 20 minutes ago...) is that Daily Candy Atlanta is apparently getting the boot! We are so sad. This has been a main-stay of our PR Girl's group for the last few years. Not only was Daily Candy a great resource as PR professionals for us to share client-love, but they always let us know what was going on in our towns. Atlanta, DC, and Boston are among the cities getting cut. See the full article here at Gawker.

We will miss you Daily Candy Atlanta! Who will take your spot as our in-town hookup?!