Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting myself inspired: Ten for 2010

Browsing through my Reader today, I ran across this post from Mom to the Screaming Masses, otherwise known as Carmen: Ten for 2010. Her seemingly easy post for coming up with 10 goals or resolutions for the year actually is pretty hard for those of us that can barely follow one resolution successfully.

So I thought I'd try my hand at it! My goal is to keep them straight-forward and not overwhelming, so that I can actually attempt to keep at them. I may even print this list off for reference to put on my fridge. Well, ok, maybe not, but it's a good thought :)

If you have a blog, Facebook account, or Twitter handle, I challenge you to share your own personal 10. Or 4. Or 2. Whatever! Give the rest of us some inspiration for creating our lists!!

Katherine's Ten for 2010

1. Get rid of the stacks of papers I keep around my kitchen. They drive me nuts because they clutter up the counter space, but I also have gotten used to them, and I know what is in each exact pile. There has got to be a way to force myself into filing some of these things more efficiently.

2. Drink 36 oz of water a day. This is two Nalgenes' worth, and as I type it, I am thinking, yeah, I can do this!! But alas, some days still go by where I have maybe 12 oz. (today). Sigh. Pathetic.

3. Put my shoes away as I come in to the condo. There is no need for the pile to stack up by the door, when my lovely, organized closet with shoe racks is all of 10 steps away :)

4. Make a coffee date with a book each month. I miss reading! I LOVED finishing South of Broad over the holidays. I'd like to read a few more of the books on my shelf this year. Goal: 2 this spring.

5. Keep up with my food plans for the weeks, even when I am busy. They really help with my cost-savings and own sanity.

6. Take some Katherine time on the weekends. TV, magazines, laundry and cleaning - whatever I need. It's too easy to let social plans take over! This could be combined with #4. What? That's not cheating. 

7. Paint my closet turquoise. I am doing it. Give me a few months though, I'll find some Saturday to tackle that.

8. Go to Craft. I have been drooling over this place for way too long and it's right around the corner. Craft Bar was fab, time to save up for Craft itself.

9. Buy fresh flowers when I can at Trader Joe's. I always love them and they make me happy, so why not drop the $5 for a fresh bouquet every week or two? Worth it for my happiness alone, and they have amazing prices for great-quality stems.

10. Stick to this list. If I do, it will be a happy 2010 :)