Friday, January 22, 2010

Going with the Tribe

Today, a reader who prefers to remain anonymous (kudos to him, this is fab!) sent this wonderfully-phrased Jezebel article to me - it made me laugh outloud!

First, let me say that I have nothing against Sorority rush or even these general types of dress codes. It's definitely something that is important to a fashionista-wannabe like myself, to make sure I am dressing appropriately for the situation, like you would for a black-tie vs. beach attire wedding invite. Most of us don't want to be the odd one out at a function with the wrong clothes.

But some of the things are seriously just so Mean Girls (LOVE that movie) in the way that they are phrased, that I couldn't help but laugh at how dead-on this writer is in comparing it to the movie. Like no open-toed or "cheapo shoes," or the no short sleeves. What if its a pink short sleeved Polo-brand one? Still not ok? So silly.

So here's to the gals out there that break away from these overly-strict rules in their lives, wherever you are. I actually talked about this last night, thinking about going with "the tribe" in fashion versus being on the outside the tribe, and thus potential prey to them. I think you have to add a little bit of your own taste, regardless of whether you are "in style" (according to whom?) or not. Wear that fab random-colored scarf, or that amazing necklace, even if it's not from a major designer. It's your look - rock it!!

Happy Friday!