Monday, January 18, 2010

Staycation: A little Asia in Atlanta

This past weekend in Atlanta was rainy and gross and perfect weather for curling up under a blanket. But, truth be told, one can only hole up indoors for so long. So come Sunday, it was time for another Atlanta Staycation concept - this time, taking a little trip up I-85 to Duluth, to the famed Super H Mart.

Remember, Staycations here on Buckhead Betty aren't expensive and aren't always full-day affairs. The basic idea: taking a vacation in your own hometown - how can we explore what is already right around us?

Super H Mart is tucked up on Pleasant Hill Rd. about 20 minutes Northeast of Buckhead. It is essentially a combination of Whole Foods/Harry's and Costco - except the entire store is Asian products!

We took about 45 minutes just wandering around the store, checking out the massive array of products they have out in bins, on shelves, and on ice. The fish at Super H Mart is all under about $5/pound, which is amazingly low given what we pay here in town for things like fresh swordfish. They also have fresh vegetables everywhere, and they seem to be lower-than-average prices too. Then interspersed here and there are more exotic things like full octopi, sushi fish for you to make your own at home, and oxtail meat. Shelves and shelves of sauces, rice, ramen, drinks - it's amazing.

We walked away with some squid jerky (someone more adventurous than I likes this stuff haha) and some red bean buns that you can heat up in the microwave for a quick, sweet snack (they are awesome, by the way). I also left with some ideas in my head of things I'd get for an Asian meal in the future.

Have you been to Super H Mart? What's your favorite thing to get there?

The Details
Directions: North from Atlanta on I-85 to Steve Reynolds. Left off exit, then left onto Pleasant Hill Rd. Super H-Mart is in a shopping center on the right.
Cost: Free! Only what you buy - and the food is decidedly less expensive here for exotic veggies, fish, and meat.
Ideas: Try the red bean fish waffles or the Korean BBQ at the ready-to-eat kiosks. Kimchi, dumplings, and other products are available in mass quantities for dinners. If you are wary of trying something new, just find the Pocky Sticks display, and pick up a box to munch on. Trust me.


Chelsea said...

They have a really delicious hot foods section too with tables - way better than any mall food court or delivery Chinese food!

Unknown said...

Man, I wish it was closer to downtown then, that would make for a fantastic lunchtime option :P

Bela Naomi said...

I am 99% sure there is an H-Mart next door to the brandsmart at the intersection of Ptree industrial and 285! Just go straight north on Peachtree and you'll dead end right into it!