Friday, January 29, 2010

When it Rains...

... They pour!

Man, this has got to be one of my favorite restaurant/bar traditions in Atlanta.

Well, ok, I love Sweetwater on Fridays, but even more on Thursdays when I feel old-school going on the day that used to be the only day you could go at the end of the week. Disclousure: I will admit - Fridays work much better now that I am a working gal ha.

And I love Buckhead Life Restaurant's prix fix menus in the summer, when you can have these fantastic 3-course dinners at any of the restaurants for only $30.

But something new that I love -- which actually is not new in itself, but new to me only because I finally made it over there -- is that when it rains outside, and when they deem it fit to announce this random promotion, Park Tavern on Piedmont Park pours $1 drafts. ONE DOLLAR. That beer up there in that picture? A lovely Amber, and only one dollar. Any of their house drafts? One dollar. All night. Amazing.

I have no clue why I never made it to Park Tavern for this previously. I hear about it all the time, and my friends always have a blast. The key is getting there early, grabbing one of these comfy couches by the fire like we did, and watching the place pack up. When its gross and rainy outside, the crowd is slower to get there, but no one can seem to stay away from the $1 deal, so inevitably it's standing-room only.

So maybe they will announce it today when the rains starts later, who knows! I follow them on Twitter and Facebook, but I think their website usually announces it too. If they do, you might have a great chance for a very Budget-happy Happy Hour :)


Anonymous said...

I could be up for a couple $1 beers after work today if it is indeed raining :)

Unknown said...

I had some friends head over there on Friday, and heard it was good times as always! Let's go next time for sure, my dear :)

corrie said...

we were there on friday! so fun to see your post about it :)

Unknown said...

Yay Corrie! Park Tavern is one of my favs anyways, I can't believe I have now only been to the Rains/Pours thing once!