Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deal Stalking in A-town

Well, hello there, fancy dinner on the town on the cheap!

Thanks to one of my favorite local Tweeters, @favthingsatl, I just ran across a lovely little dinner deal available in upcoming weeks at the swanky Two Urban Licks! Check out the details below, and make a reservation if you are interested to saving your spot for these sure-to-sell-out evenings. I can't believe it's only $21 for food AND drink - that is insanely good for that restaurant. All of the themes sound so good too, I'd have a hard time deciding on which to attend!

Two Urban Licks All You Can Eat/Drink

Starting on February 21st, at 6:30pm, Chef Thompson will offer a full buffet including a roast highlight, and all the beer and wine you can drink.

$21.00 per person includes all you can eat and drink
$16.00 per person includes all you can eat.

Feb 21st: Pig Roast
Feb 28th: Lamb Roast
March 7th: Poultry Roast (Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Duck)
March 14th: Seafood Roast (Salmon, Shrimp, Mahi, Oysters)