Monday, February 8, 2010

Hooray for Holiday Decor

I am an absolute sucker for holidays. Anyone that has been to my condo or my office at any time of the year has seen the proof. In my storage closet on the porch, I now have a box full of Christmas things, and then another full box full of "other season" things. Fall cornucopias and pumpkins. Cute springtime plaid tablecloths. St. Pat's door hangers. Kitchen towels with hearts on them. I am addicted! What can I say - it makes me happy to celebrate any time of the year. It's nice to make even a random day like Feb. 8 feel special with some Valentine's Day decor.

(Budget-friendly tip: check out Kohl's or Target AFTER the holiday/season to get the deepest discounts. It's worth stocking up this year so that next year you can just pull it all out at your home!)

An easy and cheap thing I like to do during any holiday or season is pick up some seasonal flowers and tie them up with a pretty bow to match. During the Fall, it could have been sunflowers or some cool burnt-orange roses, with maybe a dark brown ribbon. Springtime of course calls for pretty tulips, or those gorgeous blue hydrangea bunches.

This past weekend I picked up these fantastic roses from Trader Joe's for only $5.49! They have amazing prices on the prettiest flowers. And look how cute they look all tied up with a pretty pink and red bow.

Add a few seasonal place-mats and a serving platter, and my coffee table was ready for the party!

TJ flowers last for almost 2 weeks if you change out the water every few days. I also read somewhere that adding white vinegar to the water (if you don't have more flower food) can help keep the water clear and the stems perky, and it has seemed to work for me.

It is definitely worth the extra stop at TJ's on your weekly grocery shopping trip to pick up some of these cheap and cheery flowers - consider getting some for yourself this week, a V-day gift to yourself!!