Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Lovin' for Everyone!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I know so many people hate this holiday. I spent many, many years being single (and fabulous, hello. Single is not a bad word!) and so I get it - you don't have dinner date plans. You don't have someone sending you flowers. I spent one of those nights with a bottle of wine (yes, a whole bottle. I was in college and had no class the next day, I guess??), a great meal I made for myself, and An Affair to Remember. I figured, this is a classic chick flick that NO man would ever watch with me, so let's just get it over with and check it out tonight ha. Oh, those were the days. And by the way, that movie is pretty good :P

But whatever. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I read a post earlier this week about making sure you spend this day celebrating love, for whomever. Call your mom or your dad, your sister or brother, your grandma. And what about that friend you have across the country? Give them a call and catch up. That night with that whole bottle of wine and the sappy chick flick? I also had two great long conversations with my man-friends on the phone that night - it was fabulous :)

As that random post said, it can be PALentine's Day too (cue the sappy "awwws"). Spread some lovin' with everyone in your life - it's free. Even better - do you have any young nieces and nephews? They would be THRILLED to be your Valentine. Imagine their sheer joy at being asked! In fact, I may call my little cousin tomorrow to tell her Happy Valentine's Day too :)