Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Books for Some Light Reading

As you may know, I ride MARTA into work each day. I planned this when I bought the condo, since I work downtown and driving on the Connector each day would make me insane. The train is pretty cost-effective, and I can zone out and do other things instead of drive. Plus the walk to/from the train is bonus exercise.

Most days on the train are ok; others are ... "interesting." Homeless men with long tirades about how they just got out of jail and need money for "food." Loud school age kids riding home from Woodward Academy. The inevitable tourists wondering aloud why the trains are stopping every two seconds. Please just leave me alone!

So for those more interesting days, I have found that while an iPod helps distract, diving into a good book really takes me away from the 20 minute ride, making it much more pleasurable. Now the challenge is, what to read?

The community site Good Reads was great in concept: to help friends share what they are reading and their reviews of the books with each other. Some of us joined this site over a year ago, but it's really hard to keep up with it. I give the site kudos though, since it now has Facebook Connect to make it easy to share your books. Are any of you members? Should we revive our accounts on it?

My gal pal Deb gave me a bagful (literally) of chick-lit books last year, and I am so excited about it now that I am looking for some new light reading for the train rides. The one I finally picked up today was Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. And oh my goodness, only one chapter in and I am loving it. Why did I not read this before? The girl has a one night stand with her best friend's fiance, and one can assume that drama will shortly ensue!

I wanted to share some of my favs - have you read any of these?

* Everyone Worth Knowing, Lauren Weisburger (of Devil Wears Prada fame). This one is perfect chick lit fluff -- a PR girl climbing the corporate ladder with cute boy toys around to keep it interesting.

* Target Underwear and a Vera Wang Gown: Notes from a Single Girl's Closet, Adena Halpern. This one made my favorite book list on Facebook. Short little chapters, and right up my alley as a bargain-seeking Betty.

* Any Pat Conroy book. Seriously. He just has a way of wrapping you into the story. Not "light" or chick-lit, just perfect for any reader (male or female) that loves lyrical wording and stories about dark family pasts in the South.

* Peachtree Road, Anne Rivers Siddons. This one is fab for any Betties since it's set in our own backyards. Similar to Pat Conroy style with twisted family tales, but entrenched in early Buckhead Society.

Do you have any recs for us on ones you really liked? The goal is to have books that you can pick up and put down easily, but that totally get you hooked in, too.


Cami said...

Something Borrowed followed by Something Blue are two of my favorites from last year. I love Emily Giffin - and she also lives in Atlanta. Next on my list to read are the Queen of Babble series and The Art of Racing in the Rain. I'll definitely be looking into the ones you posted too!

Matt Duke said...

I joined the book thing to see if it helps me find what I want to read next. I just finished the first 8 Sookie Stackhouse books and they are great light reading. These are the books that True Blood is (loosely) based on, although the show veers into highlighting different parts of the story and changing the fate of a few characters.

Unknown said...

Cami - I am definitely going to add the Queen of Babble ones, they look great. And Matt, I saw your email invite to sync up on Good Reads; it's inspired me to update my profile on there!