Thursday, March 11, 2010

Password, Please

Last Fall, Gossip Girl (LOVE!) main character Chuck Bass (LOVE!!!) opened up his very own prohibition-style speakeasy right off the streets of Manhattan. Everything was glamorous and secretive, and of course all of the main characters were on the guest list for the big opening night. The place got crashed by the police at the end of the episode, but that helped launch it into true urban myth, because they decided to keep it open on the down-low after that, giving access only to the most worthy.

Here in Atlanta, we had a similar joint open in Buckhead in December, aptly named Prohibition. It's located in the back of East Andrews, and you can only get in by dialing a special code into an old-school London phone booth. Then (apparently) the wall opens in the booth to let you inside, or they give you directions to the entrance, or something. Drinks are all old-fashioned too, and word is that you can choose what you want from big leather-bound books. Cigars abound, and I can only imagine how swank the interior decorating is.

I won't lie. I really want to go here. I want to see what it looks like! But, of course, none of my friends have gotten the hook up, except one, and he won't reveal his source (ugh). Places like this love that we hate them because they are so exclusive, yet we all want to become members - it's the perfect combination for high buzz. But how will they keep the buzz going, if none of us can get in to spread the word? And I don't care if other cities think these types of places are "so last year." ATL hasn't really had them before, so they are still new and cool to us!

Prohibition or friends of Prohibition, if you read this, help a gal out. I won't spread the secret, but definitely will enjoy becoming one of your secret members :)


Hannah said...

I want to go too!

Matt Duke said...

I have been asking around all over Atlanta and haven't been able to get any details on how to get the code. I will not give up!

Anonymous said...

There is no "secret" code. You just go and pick up the phone and they let you in through the phone booth. Haha. I went back in December :) It's really nothing special :( Everyone "gets in."

Unknown said...

Hahah if this Anon person is right, then I love this bar even more already, what genius marketing!

Anonymous said...

There is a code, which i have used- its actually a phone number that is used to dial on the phone then the gentleman on the other side of the door picks up, and opens the wall. The place is very small and is meant to be kept a causal " calm and relaxing" place to go and enjoy a great cocktail and smoke with out the sound of a screaming drunk girl in the back ground. The place is classic and you can actually get a code from bartenders there. Good Luck!