Monday, March 15, 2010


Anyone that knows me well, knows that St. Patrick's Day is my second-favorite holiday. Christmas takes the top spot, with the birthday connection two days prior, the music, the lights, and all the festivities. I am one of those obnoxious people that is totally ok with Christmas music being on the radio before Thanksgiving, and when the decor shows up in stores in September :P

But during the regular calendar year, while I love ALL holidays (and decorate for all of them!), St. Patrick's is a blood thing for me. I am a third-generation Irish American on my Mom's side, and have only one great-grandparent that is NOT of Irish descent. Hello, fair skin, freckles, and blue eyes! Ireland is at the very top of my to-do list for travel in the near future.

So when it gets to March each year, I can't help but get excited to plan for 3/17. I've been heading out in Buckhead on this night for as long as I can remember. Some were higher-end nights (2008 when we helped re-open the new Fado and it was VIP only, so fun!), others were a bit more chaotic (2005 when we jumped the fence (Sigh. Yes. Have done that. Pathetic.) at Peachtree Tavern, of all places, to drink some cheap green beer). But always, I am in green, having a beer, and enjoying the company of friends.

This year, however, our crowd is (thankfully) sick of the over-priced scene. Between all the holidays like Halloween and Cinco de Mayo, we are tired of paying a pricey cover just to get into an over-crowded bar, and then paying upwards of $7 for a beer. Plus more for food. And more for cab fare. What a mess.

So this year, we are staying in. My brother and I are cooking up the full Irish feast - corned beef, carrots, red potatoes, and Irish soda bread. Lots of butter and salt and green beer. People are bringing some cash for the food, and then whatever beer they want. It will be low-key, full of our own green-festiveness and my fav Pandora Irish music channel. And you know what? I am more excited for this than I usually am for the bar!

What are your plans for the holiday? Has the economy shifted how you plan for these nights at all?

PS. Slainte: pronounced "Slan-cha." Means "health." A common Irish toast - use it at your house on Wednesday!