Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thirty-One Reasons You Should Buy These Items

I will give you two of them -- Affordable and Adorable.

I got the most adorable bag in my Easter basket from my Mom and Dad a few years ago (yes, we still do Easter baskets, and yes, they are awesome. They include my coveted Tagalongs that I can never eat during Lent, and usually a cute little present like this --- plus Peeps x 10, duh). How sweet is this insulated lunch bag with my pink monogram? So much cooler than a lunch box. I use it every single day.

Well, I come to find out recently that these bags come from ultra-adorable catalog biz Thirty-One, which has consultants all over the country throwing parties so that you, too, can have some for yourself!

So I decided to host a party as a fun addition to the most recent PR Girls Night at my place. The gals came over with their wine and snacks as usual, and then we got to sit around and watch a cute presentation by my consultant friend Laureen. She put all the bags out on display and demonstrated how each one could be used and why they'd be perfect to have around.

Like this one that I couldn't help but order. It holds 3 bottles of wine and keeps them chilled! Yes, please.

Or this one, that they show either with toilet paper for the bathroom, or as an adorable condiments holder for a tailgate. I also ordered this one. I couldn't help myself, what can I say.

The best thing about these bags are the prices - these things are cheaper than our fav Vera Bradley but with similarly fun prints, and can be personalized just like the more standard Lands End totes too. They are absolutely perfect for gifts for your mom or your bff. Many of the bags are perfect for moms, with lots of pockets for toys or bottles and stain-resistant materials.

If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in meeting up and checking out these bags in person, please leave me a comment here or DM me on Twitter - I'd love to host another gals night for it!