Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Shopping" Your Closet

On the topic of what blogs we read every day (that post to come tomorrow!), I think I have mentioned that I check out Work Your Closet every day. Jamie's goal is to post pictures each day of her outfit, all of which she is modeling after catalog or celebrity looks. And all of the pieces, she gets directly from her closet. Or so she says. I think honestly she picks up some new things here and there, because honestly, who owns clogs?! Not me, nor will I ever. Though I did have a rocking red pair in 4th grade, before any one else did. And a pair of hot pink generic-brand Converse high tops. I was such a fashion-forward tot.

Some days Jamie's totally put together; others, her look is a stretch, but it's all in the name of fashion, right?

Today I wanted to try the same thing. In April, I pulled out a couple of pages from the J.Crew Catalog. I was totally drawn to the fabrics and textures of some of the looks, and how they make it look so effortless and casual while also put-together. I can't go out and buy all of those items right now, but I can totally try and replicate, just like Jamie!

So here's one of my fav shots from April's catalog.

I love the combination of the plain tee and poofy, dressier skirt. The boat shoes and belt bring it all down to earth.

Here's my attempt!

[Side note: When taking a photo of yourself, it's apparently really hard to pose, hold camera (phone) still, and ensure the clothes are arranged. Or, I am just uncoordinated. I promise the shirt fits me better, and that the skirt is not as wrinkly to the eye as the camera picks up. I'd go and take a second picture, but I really don't want to spend my day riding the elevator trying to get a good shot LOL ;) ]

Things I have learned from this one-day experiment:

1) I need new boat shoes. These ones look like I sailed from the Bahamas and back 10 times. And they have never actually been on a boat. So that's saying something. They are def not preppy-looking anymore. Though they are completely broken in and oh so comfortable.

2) I need more belts. The current options do not fit my waist tightly enough. And I want some of the skinny brown ones like in the J.Crew picture.

3) So far, these lessons are not really helpful, because all I have found out is that I need to buy more items for my closet. FAIL.

4) I need to learn how to take better self shots in an elevator quickly.

5) Bedhead is awesome if you can rock it. Quick 101 for my version: Go to bed with your hair pretty damp, blowing out just the front part if you have bangs. Go to sleep with hair up and off your neck on the pillow, which gives it some extra oomph when it dries. Then in the AM, work with the extra texture and twirl big chunks around a curling iron (not IN the iron, but around it), holding for 5-10 seconds. Let cool, tussle it up a bit with hands, and spray in some hold for the day. Done!

What's the latest fashion-forward look you have tried? Or do you play it safe in that department and stick to the basics?


ATLrunner said...

shoot - I can answer that one w/o the aritcle! I totally play it safe. example: too scared to figure out how far to take the suit mix-n-match thing! I literally wear the matching top & bottom w/ alt tops (solid colors mostly!)!!

Unknown said...

Haha I do that too, but then I try to swap out accessories like shoes, jewelry, and the skirt underneath. Suits are hard!

DuffGT06 said...

This is fun! I'm going to try and find a look I like and try it out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Unknown said...

Sarah - can't wait to see what you come up with!! It's definitely a fun way to look at what you already have and turn it into something new!

Jamie Lynn said...

hey katherine - i really appreciate the blog plug and i truly find some of the things you said interesting.
i do buy some things here or there - but it's usually affordable and never a whole outfit.
the idea is to really use items in your closet in fresh ways. finding outfit inspirations really do that. some things are kinda off the charts but that's what makes it fun!
it's cool that you gave it a try! i think worn in boat shoes are better anyway :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jaime! I really enjoy your blog - it gets me thinking very creatively about what I own and what new items I might want to pick up1 Keep up the fab findings :)

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