Thursday, June 24, 2010


No, not Sham-Wow.

Today we are talking Chambray, because it's all over everything in fashion right now.

Earlier this week, I noticed that Fab Sugar featured this soft denim-look-a-like material in two articles in one day. First, there was an article with Cameron looking hott in her dressy shorts summer attire...

(LOVE shorts dressed up for night in the hot months BTW)

And another talking about finding this cute layered skirt for less -- they found one from Express for only $30, instead of $200!

Offline, I have also seen this cozier version of jean in a two-page spread in the most recent JCrew catalog...

And then a quick search in my Reader proved that a lot of my favorite bloggers have actually posted about this old-but-new-again wardrobe staple within the last three months. They are all apparently much more fashion-forward than me. Sigh.

In any case, next time you are scouring for the latest trend to take home from your favorite store, keep your eyes peeled for chambray items! My favorite is the shirt version -- it has such a retro, laid-back vibe!

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