Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Quirkiness Abounds

Today's Top Ten is perfect for all of my readers and friends; whether you have known me forever, or you have just come to the blog today for the first time, there are always some new things you can learn about a person. And often, while they might seem silly and meaningless, they can give large insight into a person.

So here is today's Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Quirky Little Things About Katherine. And yes, I know what some of you are thinking, and yes, it was difficult to pick just ten. I can be an oddball.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

10. I am known to make lists, and add items to them that I have already completed, just so I can cross them off.

9. I could (and often do) eat three bananas a day. Today, already up to two.

8. But I really dislike the stringy things on bananas. Ew.

7. I have gone from the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida, but have never been further West than Gulf Shores, Alabama. Pathetic, I know. Working on changing this one.

6. I don't do bad wedding line or group dancing. No Electric Slide, no Twist, no horrid YMCA. Only one gets me out of my chair: the Cha Cha Slide. And only on occasion. Something about the clapping...

5. When I go to the beach, I immediately wake up in the mornings and put on my bathing suit under my clothes, regardless of the day's plans.

4. I get stressed out by clutter and feel (and try to suppress) the intense urge to straighten.

3. I may like the sound of every single thing on the menu, but if I LOVE one dish, I order it every. single. time. No questions asked. I might glance at the menu to see what else is new, but not to consider any of it for my order. Flying Biscuit's Egg-Ceptional Eggs? Yes, please.

2. The fish (name: Lil' Jon) that I somehow miraculously have kept alive for almost 3 years now is the first pet I have ever had. Well, the second, since the first fish became depressed, then anorexic, then suicidal. Needless to say, he didn't last long.

1. I can't cross my left leg over my right as easily as I can my right over my left. Why is this?!

What is something that most people don't know about you that is quirky? Do share below in the comments :)


Eos Mom said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Cha Cha Slide, I'd never heard of it, I must not go to many wedddings anymore. Fun list!

Lauren said...

I'm with you on the stringy things on bananas... Yuck! And the menu thing - I've been told I am annoying to go out to eat with, because if I'm not in the mood for the ONE thing I like on the menu at a particular place, I'm not going there.

DuffGT06 said...

I KNOW for a FACT you've done the Cupid Shuffle.

Unknown said...

Eos Mom - the Cha Cha is a lot of fun, and of course they tell you exactly what to do within the lyrics, have fun :)

Lauren I totally feel you! Especially since it's the one thing you love, right??

And Sarah, well of course I have done them ... I probably should have noted that I have done all of the dances, usually while slightly under the influence at a wedding or on a cruise ... :P

SpitFire said...

I LOVE the ChaCha Slide..how can you not dance to that song??

Something quirky about me? Wow it's a long list to choose from. I should do this list myself sometime, lol. Okay..hmm. Wow, as many things as there are to pick from, I really can't think. French fries will nearly always give me hiccups? I know, I know..lame. I'll get back to you though!

Unknown said...

Hi SpitFire - haha that is a great start! Can't wait to hear what else you come up with!

ATLrunner said...

Ms Katherine - seriously about the furthest west ?? Have to plan a trip to LA to visit me :) We'll work on planning that...

Unknown said...

Deb - anytime, seriously. But maybe when the flights become magically free :) Cross-country can be insane!!