Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Let's Meet for a Drink

Truth: I am not a huge celebrity fan. However, if you are with me in Publix, you are likely to turn around and find me at the tabloid section, flipping through US Weekly. What can I say? I like reading about what's going on with whom in the tabloids, but it's mostly just so I can stay current. It is, after all, just another piece of news when Person A breaks up with Person B, and as you all know, I am a complete news-addict. If it's something that's happening right now in our world and I can learn about it, I will.

Exceptions: things that require a huge amount of brain power. I like to stick with more fluffy "news" in my free time. In my world, The Bachelorette drama trumps Meet the Press any day.

Over the weekend, Netflix delivered Invictus. First, a confession. I am one of the newest Netflix members. I just joined this month. I know, how ridiculous. Somehow, I, the girl who had Gmail when it was invite-only and joined Twitter before it was cool, evaded joining this top video rental service for (literally) years, and for no real reason. But I am a convert and am loving it.

Another side note -- I also have never owned any iPod other than a Shuffle. #simplicity? #laziness? You decide.

Anyways, Invictus. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic movie. Halfway through, I was pronouncing aloud that I would die to have tea with Nelson Mandela like Matt Damon's character gets to. Actually, who I really want to meet is Morgan Freeman AS Nelson Mandela. It is rare that an actor or actress can impersonate someone with such accuracy, but Morgan said he studied and visited with President Mandela for weeks to get every little piece of the personality down. And wow, does he ever. What a fantastic actor. This is not the first time he has blown me away.

That movie made me think about who else I'd want to meet if given the chance. I was never the girl growing up saying I wanted to meet Ghandi or the President. But, there are definitely people (alive today) that influence me in different ways. Some are serious, many are not. In no particular order, they are all people on my...

Top Ten {Tuesday} List of Celebrities I'd Like to Meet For a Drink
The drink of course depends on the person :)

1. Reese Witherspoon. Ever since she started up with Avon causes, she has caught my eye as a celeb who knows how to spend her free time right.

2. Oprah. Duh. 

3. The cast of SATC ... but as their SATC personas. Actually, just put me smack in the middle of SATC1. I would have been such a cooler assistant to SJP than Jennifer Hudson. 

4. George Clooney. Swoon. Perma-member of my Top 5.

5. Michelle Obama. Love that she's a lady in power not afraid to show her fab sense of style on the job. Can I have her wardrobe?

6. Will Ferrell. My uncle worked with him this year and hooked me up with a signed copy of my fav of his movies, complete with my fav line, too:

This has, of course, only increased my urge to meet the funny guy.

7. Sean Connery. Right up there with George on the Top 5. Specifically, I'd ask that he say "Welcome to the Rock" out loud, and something about Goldfinger. Then I suppose we would talk about other things too.

8. Ice-T. Oh wait, I met him already.

And yes, we addressed him as "Mr. Ice-T sir." We heart SVU, even in Madrid!

Real 8. Jon Hamm aka Don Draper. Somehow this has become a list of men that make me melt. How did that happen?

9. Ina Garten. We'd have a lovely lunch at her lovely Hamptons home after she teaches me all her secret cooking skills and then she'd introduce me to all her lovely famous friends.

10. You! I like meeting bloggy-friends in real life :)

Now it's your turn! If you could name two people that are alive today that you want to meet, who are they?

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Rob Fine said...

I've met a couple celebrities; and always found myself with nothing to really say or talk about when I do. Hopefully, some of these will host more inspiring conversation than those previous.

1. Jared Leto
2. Ke$ha (Don't ask)
3. Danny Elfman
4. JJ Abrams
5. Jeremy Irons
6. Brad Pitt
7. Seth Green
8. Andy Samberg
9. M Night Shyamalan
10. Steve Jobs

Joslyn Fagan said...

I want to meet Johnny Depp (loved him ever since 21 Jump Street) and Chelsea Handler (I am convinced we would be friends if we met). The only celebrities I have ever met in real life people have had to tell me who they were (basketball players, musicians). I am oblivious. Fun to think about though! Love your blog.

Unknown said...

Rob - that is an awesome list! Andy Samberg and Steve Jobs would be so cool to meet in person. And duh Brad Pitt too :)

Unknown said...

Jos - you are so sweet thank you! :) And Johnny Depp is another swoon-worthy one for sure. And who knows, Chelsea Handler could be your long lost BFF!

SpitFire said...

I'd like to meet Angelina Jolie so I can distract her long enough for my best friend to meet Brad Pitt (she is obsessed with him, roflol.

And I'd like to meet Antonio Banderas. Just to listen to him talk. And believe me..he'd be doing most of the talking. *sigh* mhmm

Audrey said...

I would agree with you on George Clooney, and perhaps Ina Garten too....

Unknown said...

Spitfire - oo Antonio!! And sneaky re: Brangelina haha.

Audrey - I think Ina is the one out of all the Food Network chefs that I personally both enjoy the food and cooking methods from - plus she's so mellow and chill!