Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a Fourth! And Top Ten {Tuesday}

From the looks of the blogosphere this weekend, it looks like everyone had a blast of a Fourth of July! I am so glad. Mine was amazing too -- I got some sun, I got a personal record in my 5th Peachtree Road Race, and got to hang out with some very fun people. 

The Fourth of July is somewhat bittersweet for many. Yes, it's gorgeously hot outside and we have plenty of time to hit the pool. But it also means we are already well into the summer, and Fall is starting to loom just around the corner.

(Well, I say loom, but I am a huge fan of Fall so I am actually pretty pumped...)

In any case, in honor of Top Ten {Tuesday}, today we are going to talk about the Top Ten Things We Can All Look Forward To For the Rest of the Summer.

What a ridiculously long title :)

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Top Ten Things We All Can Look Forward To For the Rest of the Summer: Soak Up the Fun

1. Saturday morning exercise. I love to get it in before lounging away the rest of the weekend. My current favorite? Water aerobics. Have you taken one of these classes? It's surprisingly harder than you might think, working with weights under the pressure of the water.

2. Grilling out as much as possible. I saw an episode of Bobby Flay's this weekend where the guest cook made caprese skewers on the grill. You don't even need a recipe for that goodness (but if you do, here it is.)

3. Lazy evenings hanging out somewhere outside. Even better, accompanied by a glass of wine...

4. Creative get-togethers. Think beyond your typical dinner party or BBQ. For us, it's a Slip N' Slide party this month with friends. 150-feet slide, plus 100+ people? This one is sure to be insane.

5. Trying out new sports or exercise. Beyond the water aerobics, other things on my list are cashing in my Living Social vouchers for the Cardio Pole Dancing classes, and trying out my newly re-gripped tennis racket on the courts. It makes "working out" more fun when you can rotate in new options. 

6. Unplugging on the weekends. Get outside. Leave the Blackberry behind. It works wonders for your mental zen.

7. Beating the heat with summer movies. If you see any, go see Toy Story 3. Fantabulous.

8. Summer evening thunderstorms. As long as you aren't stuck outside in them!

9. Freckles. Oh wait, that's just me and my Irishness? Ok, fine. Tan lines. General non-pastyness. Blond streaks in your hair. Whatever floats your boat.

And I saved the best for last ...

10. Take advantage of late-summer deals. Our CRUISE in September was priced as an absolute steal. What better way to end the summer than by sailing off to the high seas, or by jetting cross-country?

What is something you are looking forward to in the dog days of summer? 

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Sheri said...

The big thing I am looking forward to is seeing Paul McCartney in concert for the fifth time!

We also have an overnight beach trip, and I like taking my kids on day trips to nearby cool places like Washington, DC (we live in Maryland).

Great list! Have fun with your Slip'n'Slide party!

Betsy Escandon said...

Being outside and BBQs, definitely.

Unknown said...

Sheri - wow, Paul McCartney will be a blast! That is def something to look forward to!!

Betsy - go BBQs! I love how something so simple can be so fun :)