Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the Girls Who Plan. Or Dream.

I am going to go ahead and assume that a lot of you get Daily Candy in your inboxes each day. No matter what city you are in, Daily Candy has a version for you -- you can get the low-down on the hottest local events, products, and people around your town, or around the country with the nationwide edition.

When Daily Candy came out with their Weddings edition of their email listserv, I could not help myself. I signed up immediately. See, I have this little addiction. I love events. I love parties. I love dressing up. All of that comes together with a wedding, and oh my goodness, do I love looking at wedding pictures and reading wedding planning details.

What's most ironic here is that I was never the girl growing up that planned her own wedding out like so many others. I was the girl that was chasing boys around the playground instead and playing soccer, or running out to swim practice before school started. I didn't have boyfriends -- I had boy friends. I may have been picking out (very) girly outfits to wear, but I was also a secret little tomboy on the inside, too. That kind of girl is not the girl dreaming about her wedding dress design and registries, and is most certainly not likely to be addicted to wedding blogs.

But here I am. And it's Tuesday, so I am going to share with you some of my favorite wedding blogs out there. Some of them feature ingenious event and reception ideas. Many feature beautiful brides and handsome groomsmen. All of them have to-die-for photography. And underneath it all, my event-planner side is in L-O-V-E. I like to bookmark posts that have little things I want to remember someday down the road when I actually go to plan my own -- cute invite ideas, swanky place settings, fab engagement shots. But what I love most about these blogs is that they are just so gosh-darn HAPPY. How can you be sad, looking at people who are having the best day of their life with others that they love?

So share the cheer and click through, and Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: My Favorite Wedding Blogs, in no particular order ...

1. Daily Candy Weddings: Cute emails but mostly I love their fun features. This week, they shared a fantastic DIY video about creating a pretty, sophisticated, casual-chic chignon (aka a bun) with your hair. I can't wait to try this when my hair grows out a bit more!

2. Once Wed: Fab photos and DIY ideas aside, this site is also known for their used wedding dress store.

3. Style Me Pretty: This is probably hands-down my favorite wedding blog. Happy doesn't even begin to describe the sheer joy they convey through breathtaking photos and great commentary. Check out their Little Black Book for vendor-mania, too.

4. Southern Weddings Magazine: Southern, sassy, and oh so sweet. The editors have a great sense of humor, and always lay it out like it is. Bonus: Katie from MC writes on the blog as a featured column!

5. Inspired By This: I featured this one on my last Top Ten Blog Love post about event blogs, because this one always brings it back to the actual event of the day, featuring all the little details that make the day as special as it should be.

6. Chocolate Butterbean: Though I have never met her, I feel like I have, because I was in school with Joni's sister and they are super close. Joni's designs are fantastic, and she is becoming a go-to girl down here in the South for her fab announcement and display signs.

7. One White Dress: This one is the newest addition to my Reader. They are lighter on the photos, usually keeping them to inspiration-boards only, but I like the combo so far!

8. 100 Layer Cake: I stumbled across this one recently, and I love the dreamy photos.

9. The Broke-Ass Bride: This one cracks me up with the title alone, but the content is so perfect for anyone looking to be fab and frugal on the big day.

10. What is your favorite wedding blog to add to this list?

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Anonymous said...

I am really excited by your list of wedding blogs - these will be great resources as we start wedding planning :)

Amy Bennett said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! I've been married for 12 years so I've never even thought to look for them.

Amy said...

I love weddings, so these are right up my alley! Thanks for the list :)

Unknown said...

Kelly - I of course thought of you when I posted this one, these sites will be so helpful for you!

Amy and Amy - yay I am so glad! Thanks!