Monday, August 30, 2010

Hostess 101: The Apron

Did I ever tell you about one of the best gifts I have ever received?

It wasn't anything electronic, or blingy jewelry. Or a great book to read. Or even fabulous new clothes (though those are always a winner, just a side note).

It was a membership to the Apron of the Month Club, courtesy of my very talented mom.

First, a little history. I am truly my mother's daughter and her mother's granddaughter. We are holiday/seasonal fanatics. Whatever time of year you visit our homes, you will notice the seasonal decor has changed. Springtime bunnies and flowers shift to bright summery colors before pumpkins appear on the side tables and front door steps. It's all tasteful, though, mind you. There are no blow-up snow-globes on our lawn next to eight life-size reindeer. We keep it high-class and subtle -- very Buckhead-Betty.

On a slightly different note, I am also a die-hard apron wearer. If I am cooking, I have an apron on. I don't care if I am cooking in sweats or my nicest business attire -- both occasions require an apron. If I am hosting guests, the apron becomes part of my party outfit.

The sad thing is, for the longest time, all I had was an inexpensive Christmas-themed apron to wear. It was bought many, many years ago, and is discolored from one too many washings after one too many kitchen experiments gone awry. Not at all Hostess-worthy.

My mom, genius gift giver that she is, zeroed in on this need, and voila, the Apron of the Month Club. As my family teases me, they have never heard me squeal as high as I did when I opened the gift-wrapped box and pulled out the piece of paper outlining all the different aprons I would get during the course of the year. I was just a tiny little bit excited.

The best part about these aprons are, besides that they are of course made with love by my mom for my exact measurements (aka fitted for my petite frame rather than average much-taller woman), is that they are seasonal.

This is the first apron that was tucked in the box with that note, a vintage apron made from a family heirloom tablecloth:

Note: this picture was taken days after Christmas morning. I kept coming back to it and trying it on! Adorable!

And here is the second, a Valentine's Day themed apron with vintage 1960's buttons on the bows.

I can't wait to share the other aprons with you when they are done!