Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Fall Out of Summer

It suddenly seems like Fall is right around the corner. Praise the Lord. This summer has just been too long and hot for me.

The Atlanta weather always fakes me out this time of year. School is back in session (some rural GA schools actually started in July?!), the stores are putting out their Fall wardrobes, we are mid-way through August already, and the weather is ... well, it's still grossly hot.

Today is one of those days where, if I didn't know any better, I could look outside and think it's November. It is grayish and ugly and blah. One step outside, though, and you remember that on top of that, it's also muggy and 90 degrees. Awesome!

I have started seeing Fall-related posts around the blogosphere, and I wanted to contribute today through my Top Ten {Tuesday} post. But since Summer is still kicking here, I am going to make it a half-and-half list. Chime in with your own to add -- we all have our favorites!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Favorite Things about the Dog Days of Summer and Early Days of Fall

First ... some last Summer favorites ... 

1. Long, lazy evenings of sunshine. Tonight, I hope it won't rain, because we are hoping to get in a twilight game of tennis on the non-lit courts!

2. Lounging by the pool or at the beach. This needs to start taking priority for me on weekends, because I am embarrassed how Irish-white my legs are in August...

3. Any remaining summer trips. While the kids may be getting back to school, that still leaves weekends to enjoy. And for the rest of us, the phrase "summer vacation" can be used a bit more liberally -- mine is SOON approaching with the late September cruise :)

4. Seersucker, sandals, shorts, bathing suits, and white -- wear them while you can!

5. Wavy hair enhanced by the SUFFOCATING humidity. Oh, sorry, that's pretty girly, and half not that great to begin with. Whatever. It counts.

And some Fall favorites to start looking forward to ... 

6. That crisp air outside on a Game Day morning, warm beverage thermos in hand. Ahhh.

7. Pulling on knee-high boots over leggings and throwing on a jacket. Or for guys, layering up with a sweater or pullover. There is just something about the pleasure of that wardrobe shift! Confession: I brought leggings with me today to wear at work, it is so cold with the A/C. It's fun to pretend that I wouldn't die of heat exhaustion with them on if I was to walk outside.

8. Campfires and s'mores. Note to self: arrange some outing where we can actually build a campfire and have s'mores the correct way, not heated up over tea candles or in the microwave.

9. Did I mention Game Day?

10. Halloween costumes. Guys, I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for my costume this year. Or should I say "our" costumes this year, as it will be a group effort. I don't even know if we are attending any parties -- I am just that excited to get dressed up as this. Hint: Old-school Nickelodeon.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


The Mailman said...

You know, the microwave is the perfect appliance with which to make Colin Malone-patented "S'morchos." It's like nachos, but s'mores. Try not making them. (c)2010 The Mailman.

Eos Mom said...

Yes, totally looking forward to Halloween! I hate humidity (I'm in phoenix so I don't get a lot of it anyway) but I do like the extra wave it puts in my hair. ;-) Great list!

Unknown said...

Colin - that is both gross and oddly cool sounding. May have to test out ...

And Eos Mom - lucky you for that low humidity! The wavy hair is what I try to remind myself of while I am literally otherwise dripping in sweat outside haha.

Laura said...

Ooo, I can not wait for Gameday! and the first one is only weeks away!

ohAmanda said...

Oooh! Group Halloween costumes are my face. I cannot wait to hear about it. The one I still want to do is the president and the secret service... How fun would that be?

Unknown said...

YAY Laura, I can't wait either!!

And Amanda - that is SUCH a cute idea for a group costume deal. And so easy, all you need is a lot of suits and sunglasses! :)