Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Finely Crafted Evening

Read all the way through: a new deal site is mentioned at the end! :) 

Last night I said something I have always wanted to at a restaurant: "We are going to be your favorite customers tonight, because we are having one of every course on the menu." The waitress laughed, said that she was really looking forward to our evening together, and immediately got down to business making sure we had a proper evening on the town.

CraftBar is the smaller, more budget-friendly version of it's neighbor upstairs, Craft Atlanta, located in the heart of Buckhead by the Mansion Hotel. While known primarily as an upscale dining option, it has also become a neighborhood hangout since so many locals can easily walk there for a meal. It's been on my to-do list for months and months now, but a recent ScoutMob deal cinched it for me -- I would be heading there ASAP with a (fabulous) new gal pal to enjoy 50% off (max of $20) on our meal. Done!

I can't even begin to tell you how great my customer experience was. The service was fantastic -- all of our servers made sure to check on us all evening, providing menu suggestions with very friendly demeanors. I think a lot of restaurants around town forget how simple it is to please customers when you underline your whole menu and restaurant with excellent service. Some of them get it right; way more of them just breeze past this in hopes of turning the table over for the next guest. The team at Craft personalizes your night and makes sure you are relaxed and happy.

And the menu, oh the menu! We almost literally did have every course on the menu. Cocktails. Wine. Cheese Platter (DO THIS). Oyster appetizer. Veal and Ricotta Meatball main course. By then, though, the food and drinks caught up to us, and we had to forgo dessert, as well as the rest of our bottle of wine. But the staff, ever attentive, offered to cork it (free of charge) and hold it at the front desk for our departure. Yes, please!

Both Craft and CraftBar are great for sharing plates, so don't be intimidated by the prices. When you split a bunch of items like we did, it ends up being a reasonable price for a whole spread of high-quality food. In my mind, I'd always rather that type of scenario instead of paying $20 for an average meal out.

I can't wait to get back there. Conveniently, there are other deals out there for Craft and CraftBar to take advantage of. One deal I want to highlight today is a new service a la Groupon, available directly from one of my fav services, Open Table. It's called Spotlight, and they offer a different restaurant deal each day. Today's deal is for Craft, and it's a $25 voucher good for $50 worth of food. Hurry, though, as the deal goes away at midnight. 786 people have already grabbed the deal up by mid-day, so I can only imagine it will be thousands soon enough.

Salud and enjoy Craft/Craft Bar! Thanks for a wonderful evening on the town!


Sarah-Ann said...

Perfect description of the evening, you definitely highlighted all the benefits and how you can be fabulous on a budget! Can't wait for round two!

Unknown said...

SAS - you ROCK for being a most fab dining companion. Craftbar didn't know what had hit them when we arrived! :)