Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Again 1985

I realized today that I am often telling you how crazy busy I am. Other times, I am telling you how relaxed I am feeling after a low-key weekend. Most times, I wish I was more routinely right in the middle of both of those scenarios -- just busy enough to keep my life energetic and fun, but also laid-back enough where I can get in some quality R&R.

Five days from today, I am going into the latter of those two modes. I will be sailing off on the high seas for a seven-day cruise with my man. YAY.

Until then, though? CRAZY BUSY ALL WEEK LONG. I guess I can't win :)

In any case, I am going to be posting a few fun things this week as I prep for the big trip, and then am hosting some of my fav local ladies here next week to keep you all entertained. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for their Guest Posts. They are FAB women, and you all are bound to love them as much as I do.

First up for today, though, a retro trip to the 80's and 90's courtesy of H&M. Edge of style? Check. Pushing the limits of modern meets throwback? As always. Hip clothes at a hipper price? You better believe it.

Oh H&M, you never fail to inspire our inner fashionistas. I am keeping these trends (esp the denim minis and the cowboy-type button-ups) in mind for when I (someday) have some extra fall spending money :)


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