Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Happy Hour: La Passeggiata

It's Friday, and nothing gets me more excited than thinking about upcoming weekend plans. A few weeks ago (or months? I bookmark things often and forget about them oops), I read a great article over at Fodor's about an Italian tradition that takes place right in the sweet spot of a Friday -- Happy Hour.

La Passeggiata marks the end of the workday in Italy, and brings everyone out in the streets to roam and promenade about. As the writer mentions, it's all about "simply seeing and being seen" or in language, "vedere e farsi vedere." (Note to self: learn Italian someday. So pretty.)

The whole experience reminds me a bit of our college football halftime tradition of stealing out of the sun to the concessions area, where everyone mingles about for 20 minutes, catching up ... and of course, showing off our perfectly-coordinated Game Day outfits :P

In Italy, though, La Passeggiata goes beyond just socializing out in the plazas. Young girls of marrying age take advantage of this dusk tradition to flirt about and meet respectable suitors. It's like Cotillion, but all grown up. On the weekends, this is THE social event in their country.

Tonight, or this weekend, keep La Passeggiata in mind while you make your plans. It's perfect weather to go mingle (and flirt with suitors?) at outdoor after-work venues like Sweetwater Brewery or TAP. Stretch those social skills and hit up a new place rather than heading straight home. Even if you are already happily paired off or not looking for a relationship, La Passeggiata is also all about staying in touch with friends and meeting new ones -- make the most of your weekend evenings!

Passa un buon fine settimana! (Have a great weekend!) 

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