Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi Friends!!

WOW I have missed you all. While I truly enjoyed "unplugging" for the past week (literally! The BB died with the white screen of death ugh...), it is nice to be back in the "know" with you all. I have been busy catching up on all the blogs, news, and Facebook and Twitter feeds, and it seems like you all had a great week, too.

If you have never been on a cruise, or have been debating going on another one soon, let me assure you, DO IT. They are so worth the break from reality, and are super-affordable to boot. I am going to sum up the high points for you here over the next few days once I have processed it all in my head, myself!

So while I catch up on my things here, catch up on some of our recent Buckhead Betty posts on your end, and we will recap the Caribbean soon! :)

* A fantastic round-up of OTP (Outside the Perimeter) dining options just 20 minutes from Buckhead, written up by the fab Lauren from Life with a Lab.

* Some fall clothing favs (perfect with today's chilly temps!) presented by my bloggy friend Buckhead Belle.

* An upcoming soiree that includes not only dancing and gambling, but an open bar. Yes, please!