Friday, October 8, 2010

Tips and Toes

Of all that is unholy in prep-for-vacation planning, I somehow went away on the cruise without getting a manicure and pedicure.

Side note: Men readers (hello! I heart you!), I know you claim you don't notice such things, but honestly, I KNOW you notice when a gal has either really pretty looking hands and feet, or really sad looking hands and feet. So just entertain me on this.

Pathetically, I was one of the latter this past week, showing off my almost-reverse French pedicure with the pink polish so grown out. Proof:

I am so ashamed. I will never again fail to book in such an appointment before a social gathering.

So this week, ready to jump into Fall with every part of my fashion being, I sat down and gave myself a mani/pedi. I would have loved to have gone to the salon to get it professionally done, of course, but I am choosing to allot that $40 to something much more worthy this week (what? I think food and beverages out on the town are much more deserving).

So I ended up with this super hot polish job -- gun-metal gray!

I have used this polish before (some cheap store-brand knockoff) and totally forgot that it bubbles up once it's on. Boo! Proof that buying cheap doesn't always pay off, I guess ...

So as a result, I will be keeping an eye out to buy these replacements very, very soon, because gray is back again as a definite hit of a nail color for the fall and winter. Forget the safe reds and purples. Be daring and go gray!

Source: All Lacquered Up


Lauren said...

Ohhh this makes me want to redo my nails... I just did them in Essie's Wicked, but I have a gunmetal gray that I haven't worn since last Fall.
P.S. I think it's too funny that we both posted about polish this week!! xoxo

The Mailman said...

Can you get this picture painted on all of your nails?

Nice Snooki pouf, by the way. So GTL.

Unknown said...

Lauren - nail polish has def been the post du jour this month! :) That Wicked color is fab - I love finding new colors to use!

And C - sadly I had to look up GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry - The Situation's line on Jersey Shore, for those of you who also didn't know ha). You are soooo funny :P But the Great Pumpkin picture is awesome. I will think about it ...