Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Date Nights on the Cheap

Charlotte: What did you do last night?
Carrie: Went to a movie.
Charlotte: With who?

Carrie: Myself.
Charlotte: On Date Night?!
Carrie: Are we still gonna have to call it "Date Night" in our 50's??

I am pretty sure I could find a somewhat-relevant Sex and the City quote for every single post I do on this blog :)

Like that great scene from Season 5 "Anchors Away" depicts, today I am going to talk about Date Night, budget-style. And as you might also guess, this one isn't just for you lovers. While those of you in relationships probably love finding new ideas for keeping it fresh with your significant other, this is also for you single gals and boys, or those of you with families. All that is required is A) an open mind, B) a desire to cut costs on your social lives and C) someone to join you in crime -- be it a husband or wife, a roommate, a BFF or a sibling. Pets are perfect too unless otherwise noted :P

Remember: "Date Night" doesn't have to be a bad two-letter word associated with $100+ outings to dinners and movies. Keep it low-key, fun, and rediscover the simpler side of life!

Ten Ideas for Date Night, Buckhead Betty Style

1. A Day in the Park -- Bust out the frisbee or football and get out and enjoy the crisp air. Local parks to hit up: Chastain, Piedmont, Frankie Allen, Chattahoochee River. Bring a cooler with some sodas and beers, and a blanket to lounge on. For a real date "night," bring a picnic for dusk!

2. Board Games -- Never underestimate what a board or card game can do to enrich an otherwise regular evening. Think: Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Jenga. Add for additional fun: friendly wagers (someone has to clean up the dishes afterward, or give a back massage, oo-la-la!), adult beverages (duh?), fun snacks (Chex Mix, Muddie Buddies).

3. Arts and Crafts -- Recently, I have been in the mood to scrapbook again. I made a great one after college, and there's nothing stopping me other than sheer laziness (and picking/printing off the actual photos) in putting together a post-college collage of sorts. This is perfect for a rainy afternoon with wine and music! For the brawnier men out there -- build something together, like cornhole boards.

4. Exercise -- Yes, you can go for a run or walk. But get more creative, and go rock-climbing, hike in the woods, or hit up the tennis courts. Same (friendly) wagers apply as #2.

5. Dinner and a Movie ... At Home -- Whip up a nice meal, sharing the responsibilities in the kitchen. Put on some great music and enjoy an appetizer and cocktails (do you see a pattern here? Haha!) Even if the meal doesn't turn out perfectly, you have (hopefully) enjoyed each others company as you relax to watch a movie. After all, there's always Chinese delivery if the food catches fire :)

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6. Local sports -- Beyond the obvious choice of the big teams (here in town: Thrashers season has started, and there are always the Hawks too), the smaller venues offer a more intimate experience at usually half the price. Ideas: Gwinnett Gladiators, the lesser-known Atlanta Dream.

7. Seasonal activities -- Right now, go pumpkin-picking. When the snow falls, go ice-skating at a local rink. You get the idea. Work with what the seasons give you.

8. Coupons for Creativity -- Some of the best Date Night ideas can come from the local coupon deal sites online. Recently, I have seen a few that would be datable excursions: Trapeze Classes, Polo Lessons (yes, like on the horse), North GA Canopy Tours.

9. Explore with a "Staycation" -- Pick two or three of the above and make it into a full-weekend thing. Turn the ringers off your phones, ditch other plans, and "escape" from your reality. Bonus points if you can find a sitter for your kids for the day, if applicable :)

10. What would you add to complete this list of ideas? 

Top Ten {Tuesday}


The Mailman said...

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Fab Drinks!

10. Cosmos!!
9. Cosmos!!
8. Cosmos!!!
7. Cosmos!!!!
6. Cosmos!!
5. Cosmopolitans!!!
4. OMG Cosmos!
2. Cosmos!
1. COSMOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!1

Carrie: You know what my fav drink is, gals?
Samantha: Oh, here we go aga--

Unknown said...

Why Colin, I sense some sarcasm .... :P LOL love it.

JessieLeigh said...

What a great list... I love your ideas here! My husband and I recently started hiking together and it's been just wonderful. We also like to do "wine on the swing" which is just a glass of wine out on our porch swing after the littles are tucked in. Doesn't cost much, but it's always fun.

Unknown said...

Jessie - thanks! Wine on the swing sounds so lovely! I should implement a similar tradition ... except I will have to improvise on the swing part. Wine ... on a couch? :)

Erica said...

Love Apples to Apples! Great ideas :)

Unknown said...

Thanks E! Yea! Apples to Apples is such a fun (and easy!) game - love it :)