Monday, November 15, 2010

Snazz Up Your Holiday Tables

Thanksgiving is NEXT THURSDAY. Goodness, how time flies! I know my Mom and I are already planning out all sorts of things for the holiday, from the food to the sleeping arrangements (Aerobeds are wonderful at this time of year!) to the cooking schedules.

One thing I know will be easy for us is decorating the holiday table. Since we are lucky enough to have a big crowd join us each year for Thanksgiving, we have had to get creative with our seating arrangements. Forget the "kids table." We like everyone together on the special day, even if that means turning the table in the opposite direction and adding on an addition, too!

Unsure of how to dress up your table? Never fear. The decor can be easy if you just use what is around you in nature! We used plastic leaves from Michael's to recreate the real leaves people up North might be able to find. Our pine trees in Roswell don't provide much fall foliage :)

Another easy addition, name cards help make the dinner seem "fancy" even if it's just family attending. It's the little touches that count at your holiday table.

While you are setting up for the big day, it might help to lay out the area where your food will be. This helps in the last-second dash to get food out, because you know where everything is going, and you already have serving utensils out too! We stacked up shoe boxes under the tablecloth to transform the island into a fancier buffet-feel.

Little place cards to identify the each of the dishes help the guests that are new to your traditions, and also give kudos to each of the family members that helped make the meal!

YUM I am already getting hungry!

Lastly, think about the pre-meal festivities, too. While you are busy with last-minute preparations, have another table set up somewhere with easy appetizers for guests to enjoy. We set this table up in advance just like the main food area, and then just put out the dips and platters as they come out hot from the oven. 

If you are looking for some cute cards to use, check these freebie printables out -- they are so sweet!

Have fun decorating!!