Friday, December 24, 2010

After-Christmas Crafting

A Note to my Readers: I am going to be out of town over the next week, spending wonderful time with family and friends. We return on New Year's Eve, and I can't wait to share stories of our trips with you. Have a wonderful and safe holiday! XOXOX.
Everyone hears about the sales that go on the week AFTER Christmas. All holiday-themed items are all on huge discount everywhere you look. Actually, a trip to Cost Plus World Market last weekend proved that such things are already being slashed in prices. All holiday items there were at least 50 if not 75% off. That sure was beneficial for me as I picked up a last few gift wrap items!

I know a lot of people aren't ones to instinctively buy winter clothes in April, or pick up last Spring's picnic items when the temperatures hit 55 that Fall, but buying items after their season is one of the most budget-friendly ways of stocking up. This year, I pulled out a brand new set of snowmen salt and pepper shakers that I received last year. It was such a treat to have new items to put into rotation with my holiday decorations!

I highly recommend stopping by your local arts and crafts stores next week (or Sunday, if you are hardcore haha) to pick up some of the discounted items. Think wrapping paper, cards, ribbon, bows and ornaments.

While you are it, and especially if you are going to be at home with the kids or on vacation from work, why not spend that time doing some crafts with those items? There is nothing like having homemade items to give as gifts in 2011, or to put on display in your own home.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pick up boxes of shiny ornaments (big YAY if they are only a few dollars each!), a plain green or grapevine wreath and a simple glue gun, and put together a gorgeous wreath for your door. This is one of my FAVORITE crafts I have ever made for myself.

2. Buy basic ball ornaments, and use some fine glitter and craft glue to turn them into sparkly balls to fill up your tree or give away to friends.

3. Make homemade gift tags to use next year with old Christmas cards. Cut off the back part of the card, and be sure to use cards without any written messages or 2010-type dates on them. Punch a hole in the upper left, thread in some ribbon and voila, done.

4. Surplus oversize holiday napkins from the sale racks can be turned into festive decorative pillows with a little stuffing and some thread. Check out an easy tutorial on one of my favorite crafty blogs, Bargain Hoot. 

Happy Crafting, and Happy Holidays!