Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling Like a Million Bucks

Last week was the big yearly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS. While I didn’t catch it, a lot of my bloggy and Twitter friends did. What I immediately noticed that following morning while reading through posts was that a lot of the ladies out there felt self-conscious, slighted and less-beautiful while watching those Amazonian women walking around in their undergarments. And it wasn’t just women feeling like this. I’d bet plenty of guys, while otherwise entranced with those beauties, were also more aware than usual of their imperfections, too.

I am here to say, please don't feel like that.

When I open up a VS catalog, I like to flip through their clothes to get inspiration on what would look good on ME. Um, of course that sweater is going to look ridiculously good on that girl who is all 36-24-36. But you know what? It might also look good on me too, belted and worn with my favorite go-to jeans.

Side story: While catalogs really have a way of portraying items in a way that makes you think it will work on you, it’s important to realize that not every thing works on every person. I will never forget ordering a pair of what I thought to be incredibly hot VS stilettos, only to have them delivered and realize wow, these things look like something they’d wear in “Showgirls” (which by the way features my long-lost cousin “Nomi Malone” aka Elizabeth Berkley LOL). And I am a shoe fiend, willing to take shoe fashion risks! Oh well. You live and you learn, right? Return!!

Ok back to my real point. What this whole VS thing really made me think about was how I feel on days when I think I look attractive, pulled-together and professional, versus the days when I throw something together as I am running out the door that isn’t too cute. On days when I am in black pants and some blah top, I am most definitely feeling blah myself as a result. It makes such a difference in my emotional stance for the day, actually, that I try to spend a few minutes each night pulling my outfit together for the next day, laying out my options and ironing or fluffing what I need. And even if I am just at home alone on a weekend, I know I feel ten times better about myself if I put on a cute (yet relaxed) outfit, wash my face and do my hair even just a little bit.

So of course we (men and women alike) might not all feel like a million bucks watching the VS Show, or when we are flipping through their catalogs. But we all know when we do feel awesome in that tailored suit, or that perfectly-fitting shift dress, or in those gorgeous shoes. So why not capitalize on those items in our wardrobes more often?

What’s your go-to outfit that makes you feel like a new person?