Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A few months ago, I started hearing more and more about a thing called gel polish for your nails. It sounded cool, but since I haven’t been frequenting the salon as much while watching my spending (though tell that to Starbucks these days ha...), I literally kind of forgot about it.

Lo and behold, however, when I go for a pre-Thanksgiving mani/pedi, and the girl at the salon offers it up! Sure, I thought, if Miss Buckhead Belle loves it so much, I am sure I will too. And what better week to test out it’s supposed longer-than-norm staying-power than the week when I’d be cooking and cleaning for about 8 days straight?

A few sessions with the hands under a blue light machine thingy later and voila! My nails were rock-hard dry and I am wandering out of the salon having spent only about $15 more than a usual mani/pedi. Let me say first, the drying time was almost worth the extra cost alone. I HATE ruining a fresh manicure on my car keys or my shoe clasps or something silly.

Well here I am, 11 days later, to report that my nails are not only still perfect, but that only now are they starting to grow out at the cuticles.

I am, no joke, getting a full two weeks out of this manicure, no polish changes required! Hallelujah. I have found my new favorite salon treat!

Ask for the gel polish next time you hit up the salon. They helped me pick out a dark purple gel that nearly exactly matches the regular dark purple OPI polish they used on my toes; you’d never know they are two different brands.

Science is cool. And yes, that is me brushing the dirt off my shoulders. Holler.



Unknown said...

OPI has their own line of gel polishes, too! so you can get real matchy matchy :) i like the gel, but as a chronic nail biter, i found myself picking at it. maybe time to try again!

Buckhead Belle said...

So glad you liked it! And I agree... the drying time alone is worth the price. I love not having to worry about messing a nail up!

Unknown said...

OPI's line of gel polish is called Axxium and comes in some of their best selling shades. My sister swears by it. I'm a nail biter myself, so I'm sticking with pink and white gel nails for now - I call them my shields. In a few months when I've kicked the habit, I fully intend to switch to Axxium.

Dyar Baby Momma said...

I hadn't heard of gel polish - do most salons have it?

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! And Kelly, not all salons offer it, but definitely ask! Mine had some off-brand, not OPI. Worked the same though :)