Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Binder Challenge Wrap-Up: Derby Day in December

I let the entire weekend slip by without posting about last week’s Binder Challenge. But you will forgive me, won’t you? After all, I was busy transforming the condo into Winter Wonderland:

I won't lie -- I have been struggling with continuing the Binder Challenge amidst the crazy holiday season, and it’s not even a week into December. But I did fit in two new recipes last week, and here are the outcomes!

The first was a NYT Frittata featuring ricotta cheese and mint. I cooked and flipped it on the stovetop because I was too hungry to wait the 30 minutes for the oven method, and it turned out fine, if only a little less puffy and pretty.  

Verdict: A keeper. Six eggs and low-fat cheese make for a filling brunch or light dinner dish without a lot of calories, and it was great as leftovers at lunch the next day.

The second recipe was a smashing success. I earmarked Bourbon-Marinated Pork Tenderloin earlier this year around Derby time, but decided against hosting a race-watching party in the end. The recipe went back into the folder, and there it stayed until I pulled out the Maker’s, picked up tenderloins on sale, and went to town. 

Verdict: A keeper. The result was a somewhat boozy yet pleasantly sweet tenderloin full of moisture and flavor. It paired perfectly with quinoa (cleaning out the cupboards!) and wilted spinach splashed with soy sauce, and was again a great leftover meal for lunch. This would be fantastic on Game Day, so I am marking this one to have with biscuits at tailgates next year!