Friday, January 14, 2011

Thaw it and Kick It

We are all sick and tired of this snow and ice covering our fair city with shiny slipperiness. This weekend, the weather is set to warm up just the slightest bit, and you better believe most of us are going to be most-thankfully rising up off the couches and stretching our legs a bit.

While you ladies are getting back into your workout routines, why not learn some new functional moves that can fuel your own self-defense out there in the world? The current deal on local site Tippr is for a Half Off Self Defense Class from Divas in Defense. This offer can be redeemed for either one Basic Self Defense or a Personal & Street Safety and Pepper Spray Class. Both are offered at the Divas in Defense Atlanta location downtown on Mitchell Street, and are half off their usual value of $50!

From their website:
Divas In Defense trains women to feel empowered and educated, with the tools and training to protect yourself and your family against anything that might come your way. With classes in defense against assault, rape, domestic violence, and more, Divas In Defense provides a women-only space to learn and practice the necessary know-how to be safe on the street or at home.

Divas in Defense has partnered up with local ATL and LA basketball teams the Dream and the Sparks, and has hosted functions with the Girl Scouts and the GSU chapter of Delta Zeta. They are all about empowering women to take care of ourselves in any situation that might present itself.

With all of the crime that we can see by living in a metropolitan area, this deal sounds like a winner to me! Kick some crime booty, ladies!


PS. It's National Delurker Day! That means TODAY of all days, you should leave some comment loving and come out from behind that Internet anonymity :P


Buckhead Belle said...

OMG, this weather has been crazy!

Karen Chatters said...

Delurking.... I hope you're having an excellent weekend!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for mentioning us. With your permission, I will make a "discount code" for your followers. Hope to see you in a class soon.

Divas In Defense

Unknown said...

Thanks BB and Karen! You two rock :) Hope you are dethawing ok here in town!

And Divas - that sounds awesome! Please post it or email it to me, however you'd like to handle that.