Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Vera Big Sale

I like to look for deals everywhere I go. You just never know when you will run across a steal of a shirt, or a one-of-a-kind necklace that is on final-discount. As tempted as I am to browse my favorite stores on a weekly basis when you can really catch the best sales, depending on the store's sale rotation (ask a clerk for what days they put inventory on discount, they often will tell you if you ask!), I am preventing myself from such trips right now. Honestly, I don't have the discretionary income to go and splurge whenever I see a good item. Instead, I am trying really hard to stick to my Wardrobe Staples lists if and when I have some money to shop.

However, let it be said that if GIVEN money, whether it's a gift card or a birthday check, you better believe I am hightailing it over to some of my favorites ASAP :)

Thus the trip to Kohl's this past weekend. I don't get to Kohl's often anymore, as they don't have any inside-the-Perimeter (ITP) stores nearby. The one in Roswell, though, is just minutes from our family's house, so I swung by there, my gift card nearly burning a hole in my pocket the whole way.

Kohl's is a hot-stop if you like fashionable trends but prefer to wait until they go on sale to snatch them up. Kohl's practically gives some of their clothes away sometimes, and this past weekend, they had mark-downs on almost half the racks in the store. I always notice the trendy items of the Simply Vera Vera Wang line there, so I immediately headed towards that department.

Today, I am wearing two of three things I grabbed up:

First, don't you love this oversized jacket from Vera? I feel very artsy in it, wearing it with leggings, a turtleneck and ballet flats. It makes me feel like I came from the art studio where I was working on my latest creation. It doesn't matter that I have like zero arts skills, its all about how it makes me feel :) This jacket: 80% off an original price of $88 = $18 final price.

And then you can't see it in the full body shot, but this bracelet is fabulous bling at an even more fabulous price. It was something like 70% an original price of $36, making it only about $12! Betty Budget tip: Skip the full-price racks of VW jewelry. They put it on sale within weeks, so you should always find some fun pieces at ridiculously low prices.

The third item I picked up was a pair of black matchstick pants from the new LC Lauren Conrad line. These were on partial discount, but since this was item #1 on my Winter Wants list, I snatched them up. As soon as I hem off the excess FOOT of fabric (Is LC 10 feet tall?!) I will be wearing these with this whole outfit instead of the leggings.

So from one shopaholic to another, if you must shop, shop the sales. Set a budget for your trip - a gift card is a great way to regulate what you buy, or take out just the amount of cash you are willing to part with. Have fun!



Buckhead Belle said...

Cute outfit!!! Definitely going to scope out Kohls!

Unknown said...

Thanks BB! I love their sale racks - good luck with your shopping trip! :)

The Mailman said...

Title pun ftw

Unknown said...

Thanks C haha. You know I try, but I just can't quite match your wittiness.

Luxurygirl said...

You look amazing, love that look, and want too see with combination of this bag