Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Binder Challenge Wrap-Up: N/A

This week was absolute bananas for my poor little Blackberry in the scheduling department. It started off innocently enough with a regular day at work on Monday ... followed by dinner out on Monday, lunches out Wednesday and Thursday, dinner out on Wednesday, and then an evening out on Friday. Oh goodness gracious. Let's just say my weigh-in this morning for #WW reflected all of that good wining and dining, even after having chosen (slightly) better choices at each place (I'm not discouraged though - it's a new week ahead, huzzah!)

So guess what? I didn't try any new recipes this week. Oh, except for when I thought brown sugared red potatoes were so tasty in the cast-iron, that they MUST be good when baked like that too, right? Wrong. Brown sugar and the carby potatoes and the oven did not mix. Burned sides of the potatoes = FAIL.

What I DID try this week, though, was a host of restaurants, both old and new. Here's my quick run-down of what I loved about the two new-to-me places with my brief one-time visit. I will be hitting both of them soon again. Just not all in one week again ha!

Wisteria: I am so clueless about Inman Park. I have eaten lunch there a grand total of one times (Fritti) and enjoyed the little neighborhood feel ... but that was it. So when a great gal pal wanted to do a girls night at Wisteria for her birthday, I gladly accepted, knowing that I would finally find out more about this little part of town and it's great foodie scene.

It didn't disappoint. The atmosphere and the incredible menu selections (think American with a Southern angle) were fantastic. I could have eaten any of the massive meaty entrees (a beef tenderloin burger? I die), and their fish dishes looked healthy with a flair of indulgence, like the Georgia Pecan Atlantic Salmon over wildflower honey spaghetti squash. I can't wait to head back here with my family, the man, other friends -- anyone! It's a great all-around restaurant for any group.

Highland Bakery: Nom nom nom. On my unexpected trip here for lunch this week, I avoided the Peanut Butter French Toast since it was over-indulgence week already. I decided I might save that for a pre-Lent feast instead :) So I hit up the ... White Cheddar Pimento Cheese sandwich. What? Ok fine, so I didn't choose the healthiest option after all. But goodness, was it worth it. Buttery and grilled and cheesy, oh my. I can't wait to go there more often and try each of the items on the menu.

Did you try any new recipes or places this week? What did you like or dislike about them?