Monday, February 7, 2011

A Bajillion Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and many of us are booking up our calendars for the upcoming weekend, since the actual holiday falls on a Monday this year. In honor of this heart-warming day (or weekend, if you are lucky enough for a few days of fun!), I wanted to share some (though not an actual bajillion) date-night ideas with you courtesy of, one of my new favorite websites.

Sister site to, The Nest is all about being the "go-to resource for busy couples starting their lives together." However, despite the coupley-angle, this site has a ton of great tips for gals and guys alike, no matter your Facebook Relationship status. Their recent list of "62 Ways to Add Color to Your Home" has me lusting over a Kelly green wall and the idea of stacking books by spine color and size. I also bookmarked the section where Consumer Reports comes in and gives expert advice on buying appliances, and the Savings Calculator looks like a great quick tool to have nearby. Cool!

So as we start seeing red hearts and roses all around, never fear if you are lacking in inspiration for a romantical date for two that sticks within your budgetary zone. Thanks to The Nest for these fabulous thought-starters!
  • 20 dates under $20 - I love that they break it out by price level using a key. $ = $1-6, $$ - $7-14 and $$$ = $15-20.
  • 5 delish date night dinner ideas - You can't get much cheaper than staying in for the evening and cooking up a gourmet meal for two. The risotto one sounds so fab.
  • 6 great date ideas under $15 - These theme ideas are ueber-friendly to your wallet. The "People Watching" one is right up my alley for any weekend lazy morning.
  • Romantic ideas for any budget - A bit more general, this list is a good spot to head if you need a jolt of inspiration and can figure out fine details on your own.
  • 13 dinner-and-a-movie ideas -Any menu planned around Wedding Crashers sounds perfect to me!



Warren Smith said...

Japan has a weird way with Valentines Day. Girls give guys gifts instead. But in March, to even things up, they created White Day, and that is when the guy gives. I don't bother. :-)

Unknown said...

Samurai S - what an odd tradition! But every place is different so that is awesome - thanks for sharing!