Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cows Laugh For a Reason

Oh how I love thee, Laughing Cow cheese. I like to eat you straight out of your little foil wrapper with the cute red pull-tab.
Even better than plain, you make everyday snacks indulgent. I spread you on baguette bread. Spear you with pretzel sticks. Dab you onto apple slices.
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And with only 1 WW point per wedge, it is extraordinary the amount of flavor you deliver.
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Your Mozzarella, Sun-dried Tomato and Basil version in particular makes me oh so happy. I like to spread this one on a sandwich thin and top with scrambled eggs made in the microwave at work. Or smash into scrambled eggs at home. Or spread on a scrambled egg wrap.

(That variety obviously works really nicely with eggs, haha)

And to think, you can even be the newest cheese I use on one of our pizza creations! I signed up for their monthly newsletter to get more creative food ideas delivered right to me. Hungry Girl has a bunch more.

Those cows are laughing for a reason -- they are a low-cal, easy and versatile snack :)

Who else out there is Laughing Cow's biggest fan? Be on the lookout for the Sunday paper coupons on these as they are a little pricey otherwise, coming in around $3 a pop. Not like that stops me from buying them anyways, though!

Disclosure: I do not work with Laughing Cow, but goodness gracious, am just totally in love with them.