Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interior Loving

Have you ever stopped by Made By Girl?

Jen's blog about all things design and fashion is utterly inspiring to me. I recently found myself clicking through literally months of her old posts, unable to get enough of the pretty!!

This post and this one in particular caught my eye, a two-post feature of Me Oh My! blogger Nicole's beautiful home. You better believe I am printing some of these pictures off to go in my new and growing Inspiration File!

I love the E-A-T right behind the stove there -- what an easy way to dress up that open space. I could craft up some similar letters for over our sink. Plus really, how amazing would it be to have a chandelier like that in an unexpected place like the kitchen?

I love this simple stack of books -- it looks so put together and chic. I just bought myself the Domino "The Book of Decorating" book after way, way too long, and am excited to flip through it and get some serious guidance and ideas for the condo. Do you have a copy of this book too? It's a winner, especially if you were a Domino magazine fan like I was!

This one's especially for my family! No joke, we have had a blue suede couch just like this one. It was purchased circa 1982, and spent many a year in our formal sitting room before making the switch to the fraternity house. Whereupon it did not come home again. The fraternity men titled it "the pimp couch." Enough said :)

I love this all-white look, but even more, I love the IKEA frame that is there on the counter. Or at least, an IKEA-look alike! This is yet another idea for how to transform plain wooden $3 finds into something magazine-worthy.

Have you taken on any new or inspiring home updates recently?