Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy Weekend Rejuvenation

I hope you had a nice weekend despite the weather's knack for putting a damper on things with spring showers!

It may have been gloomy and rainy here in Atlanta, but I used my weekend down-time to dive into some projects I have been putting off. Here's a quickie recap of why having no real plans can actually turn into a fabulous and rejuvenating weekend. Pictures to come of some of these things soon!
  • A quiet Friday night spent solo with homemade pizza, a glass of wine, Pandora and back issues of magazines. A perfect ending to the usual crazy week. 
  • Brunch with a great gal pal: West Egg Cafe's Fried Green Tomato BLT -- with pimento cheese!-- is my new favorite thing on their menu.
  • Quality time in the Big R: I love spending time with my family in Roswell on a weekend when I can. It has such a relaxed vibe in comparison to the crazy-town that is Buckhead.
  • Trips to Hobby Lobby: I picked up a huge set of scrapbooking paper for half-off! It's a set with all the seasons, holidays and lots of other pretty prints. It will be perfect for the large-scale book I want to make commemorating the last three to four years.
  • Decor inspiration sessions: After flipping through all those magazines on Friday night, I pulled out the pages and pictures that spoke to me somehow. Then I picked up a binder and dividers on Sunday to build out my very own Decor Inspiration File! Pictures to come soon - I am feeling so organized! I also now have a list of to-do items for the condo that won't stop growing :)
  • Sunday movie nights with The Social Network: just as good the second time around, and goodness, what a great soundtrack.
Did you take the chance to relax this weekend while it stormed outside? What made your weekend rejuvenating?