Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trips to Dream Of

As my tax-return makes its way back to my bank account (thinking good thoughts that it is it's usual amount...), I can not HELP but think about ways to enjoy some of the extra moolah.

Granted, Goal #1 is to completely pay off my credit card. Fine, fine. I will still have some extra money left after that, since I have been working hard on this one over the last few months.

And ok, Goal #2 is to increase my savings account. Hmm ... but isn't savings supposed to be for both emergencies AND fun things? :)

Given all that, let's now assume my tax return is something like 3x it's usual amount. Just for the sake of this post. And my vacation-sanity. Because fun vacations, almost more than shoes, believe it or not, are what lands at the top of my To-Do-With-Extra-Cash list.

Oh and this little baby.

Or this one, since they offer accesories to make it into it's own laptop of sorts.

Goodness, apparently I am winning the lottery this year with this imagination :)

There are a lot of places around the world that I would go in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Some places are to be saved for when I have a budget set aside to really live it up while I am there, but others places could be done on the cheap without missing out on much.

Here, some of my destination dreams for the next 5-10 years. Some, sooner than others. All, must happen.

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 The West Coast.
Yes, in general. I have never been further west than Gulf Shores, Alabama. From the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida and across to Europe ... but never to California. The Grand Canyon. Seattle. Portland. Alaska. This one is very likely to happen this year, if it can be arranged. 

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Ireland and Scotland.
I say them together because in my head, that's how they go. A week in each, if at all possible, and during temperate months of the year where we won't be blown across the green hillsides and into the gorgeous castles.

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This could easily be a month's adventure, there's so much to see. Or as my very-wise travel-loving Aunt said, you don't have to see it all in one trip. You just plan to go back again! I'd love to hole up in a villa and travel the countryside for weeks upon end.

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Australia and New Zealand. 
Partly because Oprah's shows there were breathtaking. Mostly because my best friend Laurie had the absolute time of her life there while studying abroad. I may not be into the sky-diving, bungee-jumping adventurous side of those countries, but put me out on that Great Barrier Reef and I will be in Heaven.

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Mediterranean food and I already get along so wonderfully, so add in clear blue waters, bright white buildings and friendly people, and I fear I might not want to return from this place once I go.


Sure, I want to go to South America and the rainforest. Or Asia for the chili crab. It'd be neat to head to all of the places Anthony Bourdain has the luxury of traveling to.  

But if push comes to shove, these are my top five destinations to dream of right now. What are yours?



Anonymous said...

Girl, Dave Ramsey will help you w/ all of the above, LOVE his class! I have the books and CDs if you want to borrow them! It's awesome being debt free :) Greece is my #1

Unknown said...

Thanks Layne! I hear that guy def knows what he's talking about! Tho I'd love to hear how it's all going for you once you guys get that house (and mortgage) that I know you are searching for - that makes things a bit tighter than norm ugh :)

Anonymous said...

I have practically the same travel list!! I'll get to check one off soon, because we're heading to Greece for our honeymoon this summer :)

Pam A said...

Congrats on getting out of debt! I put my tax refund toward my emergency savings. It sounds really lame when you see that big chunk in your bank account, but I feel so much better knowing I have funds just in case something happens!

My new savings goal is to build up enough funds to take a "real" vacation and by that, I mean that before I get on the plane to Greece or Sydney (like you!) I am able to pay for everything I'm about to spend.

Good luck and happy dreaming! :)

Unknown said...

Pam - thanks! Almost there, almost there :) And I agree, it really does feel better knowing the emergency funds are there. The REAL vacays are the BEST, I am sooo with you!

Unknown said...

Kelly - YAY for your Greece trip, I am muy jealous but you two definitely deserve it :)