Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Post: Lifestyle Maven

I am so grateful for Cailen at Lifestyle Maven today -- she has agreed to guest blog for me while we are down in Florida! I love Cailen's blog. She has such a fab sense of style. She may not be a local Betty, but that doesn't matter, because her posts make you feel like you live right next door. Be sure to leave her some blog-loving here and over on her main site, too! XOXO, KJM

hi there!  my name is cailen, and i write over at lifestyle maven.  a blog about good food, good drinks and living the good life.  katherine was sweet enough to ask if i would write a guest post for buckhead betty while she's on vacation in warm, sunny st. augustine, florida.  though i'm jealous of her good fortune, i was completely flattered that she thought of me : )

ok, so when thinking about what to write, a few ideas flitted through my mind.  perhaps a recipe or a spring wishlist.  but nothing was sticking.  i finally settled on writing about a few things i love.  simple things that enrich my life and make me happy.  i always enjoy when bloggers share a bit about themselves...so here's hoping you do too!

1. craig & olive
craig & me
craig cooking crabcakes : )
our dog baby, olive
craig, my handsome fiance, and our little dog, olive, never fail to make me smile.  the three of us enjoy our happy home (actually a little cottage) in bucks county, pa...not too far from philadelphia.  life is pretty sweet : )

2. happy hour(s)
our favorite happy hour www.ilovebobbys.com
my favorite cocktail is a vodka, st. germain and champagne martini.  (it's actually going to be one of the signature drinks at our wedding this november!)  st. germain is a completely delicious french liqueur.  it has a sort of pear flavor and makes everything taste better.  can't wait to try it?  you can watch me make (and enjoy) this lovely cocktail {here}.

3. food & cooking
chocolate ganache tart: recipe {here}
cornbread with butter
banana muffins: recipe {here}
veggie quiche: recipe {here}
well, that concludes my blog hijacking : )  and leads me to my final question: what do you love?