Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Do You Do It?

I've had a few friends ask me recently how I fit everything in. "How do you do it?"

Spring is a notoriously season for most people, and my calendar is no exception. And as a young female professional, societal pressure is to portray a well-balanced life, no matter how stressed out you might get. We were those super-involved girls in school, the ones who knew people all over campus and thrived each Fall as the clubs started back up again. Today, we are the ones that say "yes" to all opportunities that arise for both work and for play, and tomorrow, we will be the ones running the school PTA's while juggling carpool and Girl Scout meetings. It's just the nature of the beast.

Mrs. Betty Draper -- queen of the facade of togetherness. Image source here.
Apparently, I give off a vibe that I have it all together in my life. The truth? I'm not quite sure how I fit things in, actually, nor am I sure that I actually do fit everything in. That vibe? Definitely the auto-pilot of a girl who struggles with saying no and strives to make everyone happy.

In reality, none of us are really "keeping it all together." Getting sick this week has been a great example. I was supposed to have plans for a few nights this week, but had to cancel some of them so that I could ensure an early bedtime and my healthier presence at work the next day. Extra things like shopping or scrapbooking this weekend fell victim to the weekly grocery shopping I hadn't done in weeks and certainly didn't feel like doing this week while sniffly. Oh and those things called workouts? Ha. As if. My workout shorts have been getting more use as "run around town" shorts while catching up on errands. Have I told you about the dust that's collected on my vanity since March? It's pretty epic.

My life is busy because I make it so. I could easily not be as involved in the things I am, and could say "no" here and there. I thrive off the busy-ness, and love having things in my agenda to look forward to. I enjoy having side projects to keep me busy when I don't have places to be. Seeing friends and making new ones gives me an emotional and mental boost.

But in the end, I can't do it all, and especially if my body isn't there. Some things have to go when you are sick or tired or run down. I hate saying no, but gosh darn it, I guess I have had to here and there, and yes, it did a body good in the end.

As for the keeping it all together thing? I am flattered you all think of me that way, thank you. Just know, I try really, really hard at maintaining that vibe. If my personal schedule is wacko or stressful, I certainly don't want to share that mojo with you, especially since I was the one that got it that way in the first place :)

The way I view it, as long as I love remaining busy, and am not disregarding any of my responsibilities too much (e.g. those workouts), I can keep my schedule full and booked. As soon as that changes though, as the saying goes, "something's gotta give," and I will amend things as needed.

Do you ever struggle with maintaining your personal and/or social commitments? What balance works for you?



Jana A said...

Aah, the million dollar question! How does one do it all? I learned to finally say no. To only say yes to what I really WANTED to do. I don't overbook Henry because, well, I'm a slacker mom!

Things will fall to the wayside at times and come back up at times. That's life. But listen to your body. it will ALWAYS tell you when it's time to say NO.

Unknown said...

Aww thanks Jana! I have learned to say no but I really just hate missing out more than any level of disappointing people. You are so right re: listening to your body!

PS. You sound like the perfectly balanced mom :)