Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mud Plus Pie Equals Delicious

Over a month ago, I was invited to a local event hosted by monogram and gift powerhouse Mudpie, but was unfortunately unable to attend. The fabulous rep let me know she'd still send me a swag bag of the featured items, which I was excited to receive even though I couldn't be there in person.

Fast forward something like two weeks, and I have had yet to talk about this swag bag, even though it showed up promptly when expected shortly after that event. And now I feel especially horribly, because this stuff is FAB and I am so thrilled! So let me get right to it and show you what was inside.

Check out first this super cute notepad holder, complete with patterned paper and matching pen. Mudpie, your items are adorable!

This holder is made of cast aluminum, so it's a hearty yet chic addition to a counter-top or desk. I love this!

But the fabulous Mudpie people didn't stop there. Look at my new monogrammed mug! Complete with a K, they somehow knew that one of my favorite color combinations is black, bright green and hot pink. Done and done.

The bag also included catalogs for the full Mudpie gift selection, plus extra catalogs for their adult and kids clothing lines. So I, of course, went "window shopping" just like I would have at the event, but instead was flipping through catalogs on a lazy evening at home :)

One thing to note, while their website lets you order per item, the Mudpie catalogs require you to order in multiples of at least four or five. For you brides out there, this could be a great chance to pick up some most excellent Bridesmaids gifts like this super pretty and chic necklace...
... or these pretty totes! How perfect for your Bachelorette weekend and stashing those cameras and pool towels.
Not into online or catalog ordering? Well, great news - I recognized a lot of items that I had also seen while at Swoozie's earlier this spring! For example, most of Mudpie's Cosmopolitan line is also available at Swoozie's!
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What about you - do you see any fabulous Mudpie items that you simply must have??

PS. While I am in denial that this date is approaching quicker than I'd like, how could you dislike turning 30 with one of these in your hands?! :)