Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Tutorial for the Ladies: Top Of the Head Bun

Slowly but surely, I started to grow my hair out this spring. The bangs, as fun as they were, felt like they were going from "perfect" to "too long" in a matter of one day every two weeks. While I am an excellent bang trimmer (my stylist always knows though, ha), that was just too much. Bangs combined with the summer heat was going to be a big no-no anyways.

One of the best parts of growing out my hair has been that it's once again long enough to pile up into high ponytails and buns. For you girls out there, you know how great it can be to put your hair up on a bad hair day, a rainy day or a "I just don't care about my appearance today" day.

But since man of us are working professionals out there, all of those excuses, especially that last "I don't care about my appearance" one, aren't too legit if you want to be taken seriously at your job. No matter if you slept in too late or it's 100% humid out, you have to figure out a way to make your hair work.

For long-haired gals, here's my how-to of a top-bun with some easy style. The best part is that this style works best when your hair is dirty. So sleep in that extra 30 minutes, grab some pins and hair product, and spend all of four minutes on this chic chignon.

PS. This is my first time making a video. Please don't laugh (too much) at me :)

What do you think? A do-able style? What's your go-to easy hair style for these hot and humid days?