Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Buy or To DIY

I have gotten more and more day-dreamy about decor things I want to do at the condo. A nice blue-gray paint job is still in the books, though finding a weekend to execute it has slipped farther and farther away. At this rate, I am thinking the cool breezes of Fall would be nice to enjoy when we air out that room between coats, anyways :)

In the meantime, I am thinking more along the lines of little updates that don't cost a lot of (or any...) money and can be performed in no time. Like a new basket in the living room for blankets. I am watching the sale racks of Tar-jay for one of those. Or a new doo-dah for a living room table or bookshelf, perhaps. Pier 1 might be a perfect spot for that. Even just switching an item from one room to another can provide a whole "new" look.

How about a rug? This one from new-to-me Layla Grace is wonderfully-colored, and it would solve my issue of needing a little rug by the sliding porch door. Ick to dirty feet tracking all over light-colored carpets. AND it's on sale. AND it would be a neutral pattern to go season-to-season....

Cruising around the site, I saw a few more items that might look just dandy in the condo, if only I had a few more dollar bills. Like this chandelier - how fabulous would this be in a walk-in closet?

Then I realized, as my figurative wallet started to burn in my figurative pocket, that I should never rush into buying such items, no matter how unique they might be. There might already be someone out there that has found a good copy-cat version, or figured out how to DIY it on their own with everyday items....

Lesson learned: That rug? I will wait and decide tomorrow, as it's likely still a great buy. The chandelier and other objects? Those sale aisles and knock-off stores await!